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T-Shirt Fundraising Design Ideas

Let’s Design Your Supporters’ New, Favorite Tee

For inspiration, here’s a sampling of some recent, custom designs!

Adoption T-Shirt Designs

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Moving Mountains to Cross Oceans

Message: Moving mountains to cross an ocean (One Less)

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Hope for One

Message: Hope For One – And Whoever Welcomes One Such Child In My Name Welcomes Me (Matthew 18:5)

Adoption T-Shirt Design - The Truth Is, Love Makes a Family

Message: The Truth Is, Love Makes a Family

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Love Makes a Family

Message: Love Makes A Family

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Jeremiah 29:10-11

Message: Jeremiah 29:10-11

Adoption T-Shirt Design - I Will Not Leave You As Orphans (John 14:18)

Message: I Will Not Leave You As Orphans. I Will Come To You (John 14:18)

Adoption T-Shirt Design - It's Only Impossible Until It's Done

Message: It’s Only Impossible Until It’s Done

Adoption T-Shirt Design - I Carry Your Heart With Me (Matthew 18:5)

Message: I Carry Your Heart With Me (Matthew 18:5)

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Love Transcends Miles & Minutes

Message: Love Transcends Miles & Minutes

Adoption T-Shirt Design - Families Don't Have to Match

Message:Families Don’t Have to Match

Mission Trip T-Shirt Designs

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Be Joyful in Hope

Message: Be Joyful in Hope (Romans 12:12)

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Go Globe

Message: Go Globe

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Go. Serve. Love.

Message: Go. Serve. Love.

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - He Said To Them, Go Into All The World And Spread The Gospel To All Creation.

Message: He Said To Them, Go Into All The World And Spread The Gospel To All Creation.

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Hope Ecuador

Message: Hope Ecuador

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Beautiful Are The Feet

Message: Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Bring The Good News (Romans 10:15)

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Peace Africa

Message: Peace Africa

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Uganda

Message: Uganda

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Until The Whole World Hears

Message: Until The Whole World Hears

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - When Love And Haiti Collide

Message: When Love And Haiti Collide

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Under His Wings

Message: Under His Wings

Mission Trip T-Shirt Design - Light to My Path (Psalm 119:105)

Message: Light to My Path (Psalm 119:105)

Medical T-Shirt Designs

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Be Brave Heart

Message: Be Brave Heart

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Cheers to Charlotte Rose

Message: Cheers to Charlotte Rose

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - ALC Handle This

Message: ALC Handle This

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - I Fight Like An 8-Year-Old Girl

Message: I Fight Like An 8-Year-Old Girl

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Let The Waves

Message: Learn From The Waves And Let The Tides Take You Where You’re Meant To Be

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Marsha

Message: Marsha-Marsha-Marsha

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - New Heart New Start

Message: New Heart New Start

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - No One Fights Alone

Message: No One Fights Alone

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Rally 4 Rush

Message: Rally 4 Rush

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Reed Cross

Message: Reed Cross

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Breathe Shank Daddy

Message: Breathe Shank Daddy

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Shaun Strong

Message: Shaun Strong

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Strength

Message: Where There Is Struggle There is Also Strength

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Team Jeremiah

Message: Team Jeremiah

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Trust The Lord With All Your Heart

Message: Trust The Lord With All Your Heart

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Warrior - We All Fight Together

Message: Warrior – We All Fight Together

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Beckett Strong

Message: Beckett Strong

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - A-Squared

Message: A-Squared

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Run With Endurance

Message: Run With Endurance

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - I'm On Vacation

Message: I’m On Vacation

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - Warrior - Mad Love

Message: Mad Love

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt - We Won't Sugar Coat it. Epilepsy Sucks

Message: We Won’t Sugar Coat it.  Epilepsy Sucks.

Church & Youth Ministry T-Shirt Designs

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - All In

Message: All In

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus

Message: Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - You Matter To God

Message: You Matter To God

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - Help Haiti - Send Chickens

Message: Help Haiti – Send Chickens

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - Camp Emmanuel

Message: Camp Emmanuel

Church Fundraising T-Shirt - Better Together

Message: Better Together

Non-Profit T-Shirt Designs

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Be Strong & Courageous

Message: Be Strong & Courageous

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Every Person Matters

Message: Every Person, Every Story Matters

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Food Fighter

Message: Food Fighter

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Humans Are Not For Sale

Message: Humans Are Not For Sale

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Do Small Things With Great Love

Message: Do Small Things With Great Love

Message: Super Super Girl Power

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Understand Your Purpose

Message: Understand Your Purpose

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - pheNomenal

Message: pheNOMENAL

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Rare Yet Everywhere

Message: Rare Yet Everywhere

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Strong, Hopeful, Rare

Message: Strong, Hopeful, Rare

Non-Profit T-Shirt Fundraising Design - Until The Work Is Done

Message: Until The Work Is Done

Community Benefit T-Shirt Designs


Message: Bike 2 Fight


Message: Gator


Message: St-Patrick’s-Day-Parade


Message: Reading & Giving & Making A Difference

T-Shirt-Fundraising-Design-Ride Strong For A Cure

Message: Ride Strong For A Cure

T-Shirt-Fundraising Design - Winfield

Message: Winfield, Iowa

Message: All Fore One

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