Are you ready for the Christmas season? Because we are! We know this is a crazy season for you (and for us too!), but we can’t help but wiggle our tails in anticipation for all the giving opportunities before us. Shops that grant their customers the opportunity to purchase with purpose make our little hearts sing. We just so happen to be one of those shops!

December 1st kicks off our 12 Days of Giving campaign delivering one more way to feel good about where your money is going and the quality product you are purchasing. Each day will hold our greatest deals yet of the year and these will be emailed out every morning (sign up for our email list here). All of your favorite products will be featured at some point so keep your eyes peeled.

Still more. We are teaming up with some great causes to feature during our 12 Days of Giving. We have scoured the planet for world changers to celebrate this season and partner with them to further their mission. It’s a great opportunity to support the cause you love or to encounter new work happening around the world. You are welcome on any of the twelve days to support whatever cause you want. The campaign creates more options (and education!) to what your purchase may empower that day.

Can you tell we love the holiday season? Twelve Days of Giving is the way to give back this season as you gift to your loved ones!



Jessie Lowe is a contributing author to One Mission Fundraising. Jessie is a Believer, Mama, Truth Teller, Yoga Teacher, Community Builder.