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Six Reasons to Choose One Mission

1. Product Fundraising + Crowdfunding

One Mission brings you the best of online crowdfunding (free of platform fees) and exceptional, inventory-free, high quality product fundraising. That’s a powerful combination, giving you more ways to raise more money and do more good.

2. Lowest Fees in the Industry

Our mission is to help you raise, and keep, as much as possible. So we charge a platform fee that truly is zero percent (0%), as opposed to the industry standard 5%+. Our setup fee is $0.  Our monthly fee is $0. Our withdrawal fee is $0.  Learn more >>

3. Products that Sell and Matter

One Mission products are things people love, gift, and use every day. Say goodbye to the difficulty of selling yet another frozen pizza, package of cookie dough, or box of fruit! Also, rest easy knowing that all our products are held to the absolute highest standards of quality and sustainability. Good for everybody, planet included.  Learn More »

40 Percent to the Fundraiser

4. Your Cause Keeps 40% of Product Purchases

For product purchases, your Fund keeps 40 cents of every dollar, $40 of every hundred, $4k of every $10k, the top half of Abe Lincoln’s head. You get the point. When someone shops to support your fundraiser, you keep forty percent of the order total—$10 on a $25 candle, for example. Plus, you’ll save time and money by never having to invest in inventory or mess with the hassle of delivering products.

5. Fully Customizable

Set a timeline for your campaign or create an ongoing fundraiser. Even take your money raising offline. One Mission fundraisers are flexible, designed to fit your unique needs and work as perfectly for individuals or small groups as they do for large groups and nonprofit organizations. Your mission is never too small (or big!) for us.  We can even make custom apparel with your designs.  Let’s talk about customizing your fundraiser!

6. Couldn’t Be Easier

Raising money with One Mission is straightforward and simple. That means:

  • No Inventory – With One Mission, people buy online so there is no inventory for you to purchase. That means no guesswork, no major upfront investment that only big groups can afford, and no sweating over unsold product.
  • No Deliveries – We also ship everything directly to the end user, hassle free. This robs you of the valuable character building experience of attempting to organize complex and chaotic product deliveries.

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