Saturday, the 20th was a wonderful day for so many different reasons!

First, the Craig Family was able to connect with a truly invaluable resource, the Tykodi Family!
Tycodi FamilyDebbie and Becky Tykodi (far right of photo) recently lost their husband and father, Tom. Tom was severely injured in 2012, when he was ejected from his bicycle while riding on a rural road near his home in Ohio.  The force of this fall left him paralyzed from the chest down. In spite of fighting the good fight for nearly four years, he passed away in March from complications from the accident.  Tom worked with Adam’s Uncle Steve at Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS).  After Adam’s accident, Steve reached out and asked Debbie and Becky if they would be willing to be a resource for the Craig Family and they didn’t hesitate.  The Tykodis drove to Chicago from Columbus, Ohio this weekend to visit Adam, hang out with the Craigs, discuss wedding planning (Becky & Rachel are both getting married on October 8th!), offer invaluable insight and donate unbelievable resources!  Listening to Becky and Debbie talk about their journey with Tom was both empowering and informational.  Adam’s positivity was astounding as usual and the entire Craig family is committed to working hard to “pay-it-forward” in hopes of matching the generosity of Tykodis.   Becky and Debbie confirmed that it will take every part of this A-Team to support Adam in the months and years ahead but that A-Team just keeps growing larger and stronger every day! Thank you to the Tykodi Family and thank you to all of you out there spreading Adam’s story and sending your love his way!


And just as that A-Team keeps getting stronger, so does Adam!  There was a HUGE! gain on Saturday in therapy!  Adam explains it best:

“This video is showing how this is the first time that I’ve been able to activate fully a muscle that I wasn’t really activating before – I guess I can’t say fully activate, but I was able to activate the full length of the bicep.  My bicep started out after my injury being non-accessible, inactive and now, after a month of therapy, we have been able to get my left bicep to work!”

In the below video (click on the Bicep! hyperlink), Adam is moving his left arm all on his own and with a 2 lb weight added to his wrist just to make it that much harder!!!  He isn’t able to bend his elbow yet, but as the bicep grows stronger, his nerves learn new routes and the swelling decreases, there is so much hope that more function will be regained!  Keep those prayers coming!




To add to all this amazing-ness, Uncle Gary finally posed for “‘Stache-a-darity” photo op with Adam but only after hitting up The Art of Shaving downtown for some beard oil and grooming tools!

Think you have what it takes to #HandleThis as well as Adam Lucas Craig? Mustaches!Post your ‘Stache-a-darity photo showing off that #MightyMustache and/or #AdamsRoadToRecovery A-Team shirt with the hashtags #HandleThisALC and #StacheADarity and we’ll see just how big this A-Team truly reaches!

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