Update as of 7/24 Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago:

Adam had a light day for rehab today but we thought we’d walk you through what some of his physical therapy sessions look like!

First, Adam must be moved from his bed to a chair and then the chair to therapy table! The process of getting out bed, into the chair and then out of the chair and onto the therapy table are the same – via a lift!


Before Adam can get to the more intensive rehab therapies he has to be able to maintain his blood pressure in the “safe zone”.  Due to Adam being bedridden for nearly 3 weeks, he needs to become acclimated to being upright again.  The goal is to get to around 70 degrees and can take a week or two to get to that point.


The therapist will slowly raise the Tilt Table a few degrees at a time, with Adam secured to it.  Then they will let him rest for a minute or so and take his blood pressure after resting.  If his blood pressure begins to drop, the therapist knows he’s reached his maximum degree tilt for the day.  Yesterday, July 23rd, Adam was able to get up to 35 degrees and maintain his blood pressure in the “safe zone”.


Today Adam was able to get up to 40 degrees and maintain his blood pressure in that “safe zone”!  He also had quite a few visitors today! Those included his Uncle Randy, Aunt Louise, their granddaughter Ava, Rachel’s friend, Lindsey and his cousin Chandra and her fiancé Dan!  Visitors make all the difference to Adam’s motivation and we strongly encourage anyone who is able to make it, to come visit!

Aunt Louise and Ava


Have a great week all! #AdamsRoadtoRecovery #HandleThisALC #HandleThis #GettingBetterEveryday #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong