A couple exciting updates today!

First, Adam’s cousin, The Taylor Family, lead by Hannah Taylor and her friend, Catie Hohnstein organized a Spirit Day last night at Chick-Fil-A To Support Adam Craig it Wheaton, Illinois! Chicken, waffle fries, and milkshakes were sold to help Adam moo-ve right along with his recovery!  It was three hours of prize wheel spinning, buying of mustache wristbands, and sharing dinner with family, friends, and neighbors alike. The Taylor’s were excited to see familiar faces and touched to meet many new ones. Whether it was young kids asking to spin the wheel, new faces asking how Adam was doing, or Chick-Fil-A employees wanting to know the story, everyone was in support of Adam. There were many comments about how blessed Adam is and wishes of good luck for recovery.

Overall, the night was very successful. Between $1 wheel spins, wristbands, donations, & Chick-Fil-A’s contribution of 20% of sales, more than $600 was raised!! 

So to celebrate their efforts, Adam showed off a bit in Occupational Therapy today!

Here, Adam’s is working on that Road to Recovery by balancing while sitting!!  He is bearing weight through his sit bones which will help with bone density in the pelvis. Adam’s OT was holding his shoulders back but he was keeping his posture (against the stability ball) and his head up on his own. He was able to maintain his balance right to left really well! Still need to work towards strengthening back extensors and core if we want to avoid anymore mustache face plants – but that is all dependent on motor progression as the healing continues. He sat for a little over 10 minutes!!! Then Adam did scapula pinches to draw the shoulders back and neck raises to strengthen the muscles to bring his head up.  Hoping to get that neck brace off in 2.5 weeks, so neck strength is pretty important right now!

August 10th OT

Adam and all you, his A-Team, are tackling this adventure with such grace and humility!  Continue to spread the love, the journey has only begun!  #AdamsRoadToRecovery #HandleThisALC #HandleThis #MightyMustache #GettingBetterEveryDay #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong

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