Adam’s friend Becky from Loras College came to visit and hung out with Adam during therapy today! Can’t say it enough – Visitors are so so welcome! Come on and check out his view – totally worth the trip.  Becky reports that Adam was making gains in the gym this morning! This new exercise works his shoulder muscles and helps improve the bone density of his arms. Yes, hes doing all that movement himself! Watch for the face plant toward the end, but don’t worry no mustaches were hurt in the making of this video.‪#‎gains‬ ‪#‎handlethisalc‬



This picture shows one of the many stretches Adam’s therapist do with him.  Given his immobility, his muscles cramp up very quickly and it is extremely painful. So stretching is very important to his general well-being.  In addition to stretching, Adam is working with a physical therapist who specializes in massage techniques to help ease some of the tension throughout his body.

August 4th Stretching