Thanks to Jayne, we’re able to get some pretty consistent daily reports!  Seriously, as a family we didn’t think we could love Jayne any more than we already did. But we do. Our eyes water as we watch her intensely track his every communication and jump to help him with nose itches and other stuff he can’t do yet –  she is amazing!

This morning Adam continued to master the sip n puff controls. He was challenged by his physical therapist to take the whip outside. It was clear that the fresh air and sunlight added a boost to his already positive mood and good energy.  Sun is good for the soul!

A long break after his first therapy session allowed for a long nap to recharge for two hours straight (!!) in the afternoon. He continued working on passive mobility of the upper extremities with an occupational therapist. Eventually Adam moved on to something new, electric muscle stimulation!
His therapists hooked him up to a hand cycle and placed electrodes on parts of his arms to contract specific muscles to train his body and his brain. He cycled for 17 and a half minutes! His therapists were impressed and it was longest bout of constant activity for Adam in almost an entire month.
RIC is an amazing facility and Adam is so fortunate to have access to this technology and encouragement! Keep those vibes and prayers coming his way! Every day means he has a new chance to conquer the impossible.
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