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Adam’s Road to Recovery: August 21st Update

Saturday, the 20th was a wonderful day for so many different reasons!

First, the Craig Family was able to connect with a truly invaluable resource, the Tykodi Family!

Tycodi FamilyDebbie and Becky Tykodi (far right of photo) recently lost their husband and father, Tom. Tom was severely injured in 2012, when he was ejected from his bicycle while riding on a rural road near his home in Ohio.  The force of this fall left him paralyzed from the chest down. In spite of fighting the good fight for nearly four years, he passed away in March from complications from the accident.  Tom worked with Adam’s Uncle Steve at Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS).  After Adam’s accident, Steve reached out and asked Debbie and Becky if they would be willing to be a resource for the Craig Family and they didn’t hesitate.  The Tykodis drove to Chicago from Columbus, Ohio this weekend to visit Adam, hang out with the Craigs, discuss wedding planning (Becky & Rachel are both getting married on October 8th!), offer invaluable insight and donate unbelievable resources!  Listening to Becky and Debbie talk about their journey with Tom was both empowering and informational.  Adam’s positivity was astounding as usual and the entire Craig family is committed to working hard to “pay-it-forward” in hopes of matching the generosity of Tykodis.   Becky and Debbie confirmed that it will take every part of this A-Team to support Adam in the months and years ahead but that A-Team just keeps growing larger and stronger every day! Thank you to the Tykodi Family and thank you to all of you out there spreading Adam’s story and sending your love his way!


And just as that A-Team keeps getting stronger, so does Adam!  There was a HUGE! gain on Saturday in therapy!  Adam explains it best:

“This video is showing how this is the first time that I’ve been able to activate fully a muscle that I wasn’t really activating before – I guess I can’t say fully activate, but I was able to activate the full length of the bicep.  My bicep started out after my injury being non-accessible, inactive and now, after a month of therapy, we have been able to get my left bicep to work!”

In the below video (click on the Bicep! hyperlink), Adam is moving his left arm all on his own and with a 2 lb weight added to his wrist just to make it that much harder!!!  He isn’t able to bend his elbow yet, but as the bicep grows stronger, his nerves learn new routes and the swelling decreases, there is so much hope that more function will be regained!  Keep those prayers coming!




To add to all this amazing-ness, Uncle Gary finally posed for “‘Stache-a-darity” photo op with Adam but only after hitting up The Art of Shaving downtown for some beard oil and grooming tools!

Think you have what it takes to #HandleThis as well as Adam Lucas Craig? Mustaches!Post your ‘Stache-a-darity photo showing off that #MightyMustache and/or #AdamsRoadToRecovery A-Team shirt with the hashtags #HandleThisALC and #StacheADarity and we’ll see just how big this A-Team truly reaches!

#GettingBetterEverDay #MindStrong #SpiritStrong #BodyStrong #CommunityStrong


Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: August 10th

A couple exciting updates today!

First, Adam’s cousin, The Taylor Family, lead by Hannah Taylor and her friend, Catie Hohnstein organized a Spirit Day last night at Chick-Fil-A To Support Adam Craig it Wheaton, Illinois! Chicken, waffle fries, and milkshakes were sold to help Adam moo-ve right along with his recovery!  It was three hours of prize wheel spinning, buying of mustache wristbands, and sharing dinner with family, friends, and neighbors alike. The Taylor’s were excited to see familiar faces and touched to meet many new ones. Whether it was young kids asking to spin the wheel, new faces asking how Adam was doing, or Chick-Fil-A employees wanting to know the story, everyone was in support of Adam. There were many comments about how blessed Adam is and wishes of good luck for recovery.

Overall, the night was very successful. Between $1 wheel spins, wristbands, donations, & Chick-Fil-A’s contribution of 20% of sales, more than $600 was raised!! 

So to celebrate their efforts, Adam showed off a bit in Occupational Therapy today!

Here, Adam’s is working on that Road to Recovery by balancing while sitting!!  He is bearing weight through his sit bones which will help with bone density in the pelvis. Adam’s OT was holding his shoulders back but he was keeping his posture (against the stability ball) and his head up on his own. He was able to maintain his balance right to left really well! Still need to work towards strengthening back extensors and core if we want to avoid anymore mustache face plants – but that is all dependent on motor progression as the healing continues. He sat for a little over 10 minutes!!! Then Adam did scapula pinches to draw the shoulders back and neck raises to strengthen the muscles to bring his head up.  Hoping to get that neck brace off in 2.5 weeks, so neck strength is pretty important right now!

August 10th OT

Adam and all you, his A-Team, are tackling this adventure with such grace and humility!  Continue to spread the love, the journey has only begun!  #AdamsRoadToRecovery #HandleThisALC #HandleThis #MightyMustache #GettingBetterEveryDay #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong

Donate Now! And don’t forget to register for the A-Team Benefit Bike Ride on August 27th by clicking Here!

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: August 4th

Adam’s friend Becky from Loras College came to visit and hung out with Adam during therapy today! Can’t say it enough – Visitors are so so welcome! Come on and check out his view – totally worth the trip.  Becky reports that Adam was making gains in the gym this morning! This new exercise works his shoulder muscles and helps improve the bone density of his arms. Yes, hes doing all that movement himself! Watch for the face plant toward the end, but don’t worry no mustaches were hurt in the making of this video.‪#‎gains‬ ‪#‎handlethisalc‬



This picture shows one of the many stretches Adam’s therapist do with him.  Given his immobility, his muscles cramp up very quickly and it is extremely painful. So stretching is very important to his general well-being.  In addition to stretching, Adam is working with a physical therapist who specializes in massage techniques to help ease some of the tension throughout his body.

August 4th Stretching

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 27th

Thanks to Jayne, we’re able to get some pretty consistent daily reports!  Seriously, as a family we didn’t think we could love Jayne any more than we already did. But we do. Our eyes water as we watch her intensely track his every communication and jump to help him with nose itches and other stuff he can’t do yet –  she is amazing!

This morning Adam continued to master the sip n puff controls. He was challenged by his physical therapist to take the whip outside. It was clear that the fresh air and sunlight added a boost to his already positive mood and good energy.  Sun is good for the soul!

A long break after his first therapy session allowed for a long nap to recharge for two hours straight (!!) in the afternoon. He continued working on passive mobility of the upper extremities with an occupational therapist. Eventually Adam moved on to something new, electric muscle stimulation!

His therapists hooked him up to a hand cycle and placed electrodes on parts of his arms to contract specific muscles to train his body and his brain. He cycled for 17 and a half minutes! His therapists were impressed and it was longest bout of constant activity for Adam in almost an entire month.

RIC is an amazing facility and Adam is so fortunate to have access to this technology and encouragement! Keep those vibes and prayers coming his way! Every day means he has a new chance to conquer the impossible.

#AdamsRoadToRecovery #HandleThisALC #HandleThis #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong #GettingBetterEveryday #AdamCraig

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 26th

Big day today! But Adam was taken back about a decade today when he was issued a student driver’s license for his Sip ‘n Puff powered wheelchair. 😉 This power chair is driven by Adam’s breath! How cool! An initial hard puff will enable the wheelchair to move forward, while a single hard sip will stop the wheelchair. A continuous hard sip will reverse the wheelchair. Turning requires a continuous soft sip or soft puff enabling the wheelchair to move left or right respectively depending on how long he blows into the tube.

His physical therapist was amazed at how quickly he caught on to the controls and said he was ahead of the learning curve for this type of driving. Adam will have more practice in the coming days and weeks to gain more independence with his wheelchair mobility.

Keep on moving forward Adam!

#AdamsRoadToRecovery #HandleThis #HandleThisALC #GettingBetterEveryday #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 24th

Update as of 7/24 Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago:

Adam had a light day for rehab today but we thought we’d walk you through what some of his physical therapy sessions look like!

First, Adam must be moved from his bed to a chair and then the chair to therapy table! The process of getting out bed, into the chair and then out of the chair and onto the therapy table are the same – via a lift!


Before Adam can get to the more intensive rehab therapies he has to be able to maintain his blood pressure in the “safe zone”.  Due to Adam being bedridden for nearly 3 weeks, he needs to become acclimated to being upright again.  The goal is to get to around 70 degrees and can take a week or two to get to that point.


The therapist will slowly raise the Tilt Table a few degrees at a time, with Adam secured to it.  Then they will let him rest for a minute or so and take his blood pressure after resting.  If his blood pressure begins to drop, the therapist knows he’s reached his maximum degree tilt for the day.  Yesterday, July 23rd, Adam was able to get up to 35 degrees and maintain his blood pressure in the “safe zone”.


Today Adam was able to get up to 40 degrees and maintain his blood pressure in that “safe zone”!  He also had quite a few visitors today! Those included his Uncle Randy, Aunt Louise, their granddaughter Ava, Rachel’s friend, Lindsey and his cousin Chandra and her fiancé Dan!  Visitors make all the difference to Adam’s motivation and we strongly encourage anyone who is able to make it, to come visit!

Aunt Louise and Ava


Have a great week all! #AdamsRoadtoRecovery #HandleThisALC #HandleThis #GettingBetterEveryday #MindStrong #BodyStrong #SpiritStrong

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 23rd

So thankful that Adam Craig has access to such amazing technology, a driven rehab te13724977_535194913346230_2793802734569533365_oam, incessant inspiration and a stellar view of Lake Michigan (not pictured) at RIC! Truly would not be possible without the support from strangers and friends. I am overwhelmed and humbled on a daily basis… Love every part of the A-Team❤️ Adam Craig’s Road to Recovery‪#‎AdamsRoadToRecovery‬ ‪#‎HandleThisALC‬ ‪#‎HandleThis‬ ‪#‎MindStrong‬‪#‎BodyStrong‬ ‪#‎GettingBetterEveryday‬



Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 22nd

What a bunch of awesome kids! Loras alum and friend, Daniel Moore’s, nieces and nephews took the initiative to put together a Kool Aid stand in Crestwood, IL to raise money for Adam! All the thanks to you!Kool Aid for Adam

Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: July 21st

13782184_534463056752749_1320188177291737658_nHandsome and funny visitors yesterday, Tom & Maddy! (Jayne is a regular at this point!) Adam was able to get a “sip & puff” nurse call “button” that works and it turns into a handy place to secure a CamelBak for maximum hydration independence AND ADAM GOT TO WEAR NORMAL CLOTHES!‪#‎AdamsRoadToRecovery‬ ‪#‎HandleThis‬ ‪#‎HandleThisALC‬‪#‎GettingBetterEveryDay‬ ‪#‎MindStrong‬ ‪#‎BodyStrong‬ ‪#‎GownBeGone‬



Adam’s Road to Recovery Update: PHASE 2: Get Adam to RIC & PHASE 3: Keep Adam at RIC

Phase 3: Keep Adam at RIC! Let’s do this!

We want to thank everyone, those who know Adam and those who don’t, who have and who amazingly continue to generously donate time, talent and resources to Adam’s Road to Recovery!  Adam would not be at the Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago (RIC) if it weren’t for you.  There is no question about that. Unfortunately, the journey is far from over and Adam continues to need your love and generosity.

Phase 1 (Get Adam a Medical Transport) and Phase 2 (Get Adam to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) we’re both successful!  Initial payment just to get Adam in the door at RIC was $80,000! But YOU DID IT!

As Adam begins to set his new goals for recovery, PHASE 3 sets a new goal for us. A $100,000 goal to be specific!

While Adam was able to pay the initial payment, there is another sizable portion due by August 5th.  A low estimate of what the final bill for this next necessary rehabilitation period will be is $300,000. Easily it could cost 3 times that. To make this level of rehabilitation care possible for Adam, we need your financial help.

Adam is working his tail off. His spirit is strong and his will, fierce.  He is focused on his rehabilitation, on playing music again, and on living a life he imagined.  His humor is sharp and the way his face lights up when a visitor shows up is unforgettable.  Sure, there is nothing he can do right now about cost, or medical expense, or insurance.  But we can. We can help Adam with the things out of his control.  We can raise the money to help Adam. We can dig deep, ask for help without pride, and raise the funds to allow Adam to focus on healing.

Help Adam stay at RIC and receive the best chance at living the life he imagined!

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