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6 becomes 8 (And 8 is pretty great)

Our. Boys. Are. Home. It’s been a journey, and not a particularly easy one. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to all of you who have been following our story, praying and/or providing encouraging words as the days (and years) went by. We have felt (and are still feelin’) the love!

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BRAVE – New Designs

We must be in a very “Brave” mood these days or maybe we’re feeling like we need to feel a little braver. Whatever the case, we’re really excited about the 3 great new “Brave” themed designs we’ve recently launched. Check them out.

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When I Wait, You Strengthen my Heart – Psalm 27:14

Just wanted to write today and fill you in on our adoption progress. The boys’ passports have been applied for!! I’m so happy about this I can hardly stand it. Today, they went into the office to get finger-printed. This is getting so real. And to be honest, I’m having a hard time concentrating. I’m a little jittery (okay… probably doesn’t help that I’m on my third cup of coffee), my mind is racing about all that I need to do.

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Do Something

We’re kicking off 2016 with the mentality that we can all DO SOMETHING to make the world a better place. I mean, we’re all world-changers, right? It’s really a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and maybe putting some thought into our actions and just DOING it.

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Purchase with Purpose & Why It Matters

What’s the big deal?

What does it matter?

Purchase with purpose.
Who cares where the products come from?
Why does it matter how they are made?
These are some big questions I began to ask myself a few years ago…

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The Best Kind of Giving

Are you ready for the Christmas season? Because we are! We know this is a crazy season for you (and for us too!), but we can’t help but wiggle our tails in anticipation for all the giving opportunities before us. Shops that grant their customers the opportunity to purchase with purpose make our little hearts sing. We just so happen to be one of those shops!

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Cancer Can’t Steal Everything

Her hair lay clumped in her hands as the tears streamed down her face. A tribe of women surrounded her but she kept her gaze down. Lindsey was not alone, but at the same time very much so.

She couldn’t watch as the buzzer clicked on, but I did. I watched her long dark tresses fall to the floor bit by bit. Tiny shaven hairs left in their place. What once was considered her masterpiece was being removed by forced choice. It was coming off one way or another…

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What Makes a World Changer?

“Be the change.”
“Make good things happen.”
“One person can do so much.”
“She believed she could so she did…”
“You have the power to change the world.”
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
“If you can’t feed one hundred, if you can’t feed fifty, if you can’t feed ten, FEED ONE.”
We see these quotes all over the internet, in the books we read and on our apparel (check out our shop for some inspiration). We are constantly encouraging our friends to “make a difference” and often times feel like we aren’t “doing enough.” We see all the big organizations and celebrities doing their part and we wonder how ours could ever matter.

But it does. Your part matters…

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#GiftForward Cards – A Great NEW Way to Support a Cause

At One Mission, making a cash donation or buying products is a great way to support your favorite fundraiser. Spreading the word about a fundraiser is also a great way to lend a hand. Well, now it’s easy to do both – at the same time. Enter, One Mission’s #GiftForward cards.

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Financial Assistance for Adopting Parents

The dream of adopting a child can be a long, trying and extremely financially stressful process for parents. The expense can be overwhelming and even prohibitive. The good news is financial assistance is readily available for adoptive parents.

There are a number of national and state agencies that can assist parents with the adoption process, along with the long-term care – both medical and financial – adopted children need. From tax credits to tax deductions to grants and loans to military family reimbursement, numerous options are available to help adoptive parents provide for their children. And don’t forget the impact that fundraising can make.

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