You don’t have to have an online One Mission Fund to fundraise with us, ya know.

Candle Fundraising just took a whole new twist. The One Mission Change Challenge: It’s unique. It’s a little bit different approach to fundraising. It’s fun. It’s easy. And hey, it involves a free gift for all supporters. We like to call it a ‘Game Changer’. In the right situation, it can be such a great little tool to really boost the funds you need to raise for YOUR cause.

Let me explain how it started, how it works, and how one local church used it to raise close to $4,000 in just a few weeks.

Change Bank
Change Bank

First… it started as a sturdy packaging to keep our candles safe during shipping, strong cardboard cylinders with metal end caps. Perfect solution.

But, why not make it useful? We had slits cut into the top metal covers, and the change bank was born. Save your pennies and “change” the world. Why not? It *really* is that simple!

So how does the change challenge work? We like to think outside the box and customize the challenge to fit your situation.

But, THIS is how it worked for St. John’s Catholic Church in Mt. Vernon: Since there were 110 families enrolled in the faith formation classes, the Director of Religious Education ordered 110 candles at wholesale from One Mission. Of course, each candle  comes packaged in our sturdy change bank.

One Mission Candles

The candles were set out on display after church one Sunday and over the course of a couple of weeks, each family with a child or children enrolled in classes were encouraged to take one candle… as a gift. Yes, a gift. The genius of that? These families were asked to keep and use the candles, but then bring the change banks back full of change. All of the money raised was going to be used to purchase water filtration systems in Haiti.

So, kids scurried home and emptied their change jars at home into the change bank. They looked for change in their cars, under the couch cushions and anywhere else they could find spare change lying around. Some kids took the banks around their neighborhood and explained that they were raising money for clean water in Haiti. Some families simply wrote checks and put them in the banks.

Just a few short weeks later, the families were asked to bring back their change banks to the church.  The kids counted the coins, the dollars, the checks (good math lesson, right?) – and then guess what happened?  After they counted ALL the money they had collected together, and deducted the wholesale amount of the candles that the church purchased. They raised right around $4,000. Whoa! Pretty amazing, don’t ya think?

110 families. Filling 110 change banks with pennies, coins, dollars and checks. Making a difference for people in Haiti. Giving them a system for making their water clean.

Save your pennies and “change” the world?  Heck ya.

So here ya go… to learn more, click here.