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Birthday Fundraising Surprise Leads to Support of Great Cause

This summer we witnessed something pretty amazing and we have to tell you the story…

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Jackee Austerman gets real about PKU

This post was written recently by Jackee Austerman, and I asked her if I could share. It is wonderful, so truthful and incredibly heart-felt. Jackee and her family have a fund that they promote here at One Mission. Their goal is simple. They want to raise awareness about PKU and help fund raise for a cure. See what she has to say about having two kiddos with PKU.

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Adoption Fundraising – DeJong Family Adoption

We’re doing something we haven’t done before, and I think I love it! The DeJong Family has a One Mission Fund to raise money for the adoption of two precious kiddos in Haiti. Kate DeJong, their mama, writes her story so beautifully and how lucky are we that she has shared it with us!! This mama’s heart… it’s a good one. Read on, dear friends!

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Candle Fundraising – The Change Challenge

You don’t have to have an online One Mission Fund to fundraise with us, ya know.

Introducing: the One Mission Change Challenge. It’s unique. It’s a little bit different approach to fundraising. It’s fun. It’s easy. And hey, it involves a free gift for all supporters. We like to call it a ‘Game Changer’. In the right situation, it can be such a great little tool to really boost the funds you need to raise for YOUR cause.

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Medical Fundraising – A Transplant Journey

A One Mission Fund was created to directly support Eric and Tammy as they await the call for Eric’s new heart. All funds raised will go directly towards the medical costs and financial support while Eric is on his journey. Right now, as you are reading this, Eric is in the hospital waiting for a new heart. He is first on the list now, after over 900 days of waiting. Over Nine. Hundred. Days. He could really use prayers right now. And we know this is a really tough thing… because the beautiful gift of a new heart means another family out there is struggling with a new loss of their loved one – and they could use prayers too.

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One Mission Impact – Haight’s Home for Haiti

It takes just one thought, by one person, to do just one thing, for one family in need. And I tell you what… it’s a pretty darn cool thing when, unexpectedly, some come forward and say ‘yes, sign me up to go with you and help’ and when others buy into the vision and say ‘yes, let me donate to your cause.’ And then suddenly, all these world changers are coming together to *do something* to make this vision happen. 5 men went to build, but over a hundred donated. Each person, a world changer for this family. Each. Person.

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One Mission Impact – Community Health Initiative

Meet Community Health Initiative. This program is an ongoing, non profit organization, led by project leader Chris Buresh, that is committed and focused on improving the quality of life- especially the quality of medical care- in the rural communities throughout Haiti. Recently they have started a new recycling center, latrines, and a water treatment center, providing jobs, education, and safe and sanitary resources for community members. If that’s not world-changing work, I don’t know what is!

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7 Reasons One Mission is the best fundraising platform for YOU

Why One Mission? Are you in the middle of figuring out how to raise the funds you need for your cause? Oh man. We have been there and there are so many choices! That’s why we created the best fundraising platform with One Mission.

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Cancer Can’t Steal Everything

Her hair lay clumped in her hands as the tears streamed down her face. A tribe of women surrounded her but she kept her gaze down. Lindsey was not alone, but at the same time very much so.

She couldn’t watch as the buzzer clicked on, but I did. I watched her long dark tresses fall to the floor bit by bit. Tiny shaven hairs left in their place. What once was considered her masterpiece was being removed by forced choice. It was coming off one way or another…

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Find the Supplies You Need To Change the World

I’m sitting here in Haiti writing and editing this article. This is my fourth trip to Haiti and each time I come here I’m inspired to reach out to more people that want to pursue mission work abroad or whatever their personal mission might be. It’s just so important for everyone to pursue a mission that’s beyond themselves. It’s life changing! But, you still may be wondering….

How do you make the difference you know in your heart you’ve been called to make?

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