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Christmas Shopping at One Mission

Have you tackled that Christmas list yet? Need some ideas? How ‘bout you let us lend you a hand! Not only do One Mission products make great gifts, but ALSO, with your purchase, a whole whoppin’ 40% is given back to a great cause… Buying and GIVING – two birds with one stone, shopping with a cause, keeping an attitude of gratitude and giving back… it’s GOOD. Every single One Mission product makes for a great gift, but if you’re looking to buy for a specific person, you’re process just got a lot easier.

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Wanna Hear How Mark 12 Influenced Our Supporter Scroll?

Fall is the time for change, and we’re really feeling the season here at One Mission. We’re adding some new features to our website to make it as exciting and user-friendly as possible. One of the new aspects we’re adding is a scrolling list of supporters for each fundraiser. Why? Supporters are the lifeblood of every fundraiser, and we want to give credit where it is due.

You may have seen these scrolling supporter lists before on crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and Crowdrise. The difference at One Mission is that our list will not display the amount of money that each supporter gives.

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Show Someone You Care with an Unexpected Note Card

Allow us to introduce our brand new line of note cards! We’ve got a medley of artful designs that will brighten anyone’s day. The only thing that will make them better… is your personal touch.

Let’s face it–note cards are an essential household item. We all have loved ones that we want to announce exciting news to, congratulate on major (or minor) life achievements, or even just stay in contact with. One Mission note cards let you do all of that in style.

Whoever you’re trying to reach with our cards, one thing is for certain: snail mail has never looked this good. All the designs are made by One Mission artists, Keri Speidel and Angelina Stevens, the same creative forces behind our beautiful art prints. No matter what you’re trying to say with your note, they’ve got you covered.

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Connecting People and Helping Others

You never know how you might be used as an instrument for good. Sometimes we are so focused on getting our “to do” list done before the end of the day that we don’t see opportunities, even simple, quick opportunities, to help others.

Yesterday I must have had my “to do” list blinders off for a brief moment and was fortunate enough to do some real good for the world; and it only took about 2 minutes.

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