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Candle Fundraising – The Change Challenge

You don’t have to have an online One Mission Fund to fundraise with us, ya know.

Introducing: the One Mission Change Challenge. It’s unique. It’s a little bit different approach to fundraising. It’s fun. It’s easy. And hey, it involves a free gift for all supporters. We like to call it a ‘Game Changer’. In the right situation, it can be such a great little tool to really boost the funds you need to raise for YOUR cause.

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BRAVE – New Designs

We must be in a very “Brave” mood these days or maybe we’re feeling like we need to feel a little braver. Whatever the case, we’re really excited about the 3 great new “Brave” themed designs we’ve recently launched. Check them out.

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Make Good Things Happen

Every day many of our interactions are filled with great ideas and good intention. How many times have you said things like – We should get together more often. We should meet. I should organize that room. We should go to that concert or event. I should be more involved in ______.

It is SO easy to talk about, but what percentage of these things that you know you should do/want to do actually get done? If you’re anything like me, you’ve let too many of these opportunities slide right by too many times. It’s so easy to say I’m busy, I’ll do it later, someone else will schedule this, right?

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#GiftForward Cards – A Great NEW Way to Support a Cause

At One Mission, making a cash donation or buying products is a great way to support your favorite fundraiser. Spreading the word about a fundraiser is also a great way to lend a hand. Well, now it’s easy to do both – at the same time. Enter, One Mission’s #GiftForward cards.

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Show Someone You Care with an Unexpected Note Card

Allow us to introduce our brand new line of note cards! We’ve got a medley of artful designs that will brighten anyone’s day. The only thing that will make them better… is your personal touch.

Let’s face it–note cards are an essential household item. We all have loved ones that we want to announce exciting news to, congratulate on major (or minor) life achievements, or even just stay in contact with. One Mission note cards let you do all of that in style.

Whoever you’re trying to reach with our cards, one thing is for certain: snail mail has never looked this good. All the designs are made by One Mission artists, Keri Speidel and Angelina Stevens, the same creative forces behind our beautiful art prints. No matter what you’re trying to say with your note, they’ve got you covered.

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Custom Apparel Fundraising

We often hear from non-profit groups that they would love to add customized apparel to their website. The problem groups often run into is that customized apparel typically requires inventory; which requires cash and a great guess on the sizes people will order. Plus, setting up an e-commerce website for a non-profit isn’t always easy and typically results in monthly fees.

One Mission is a pretty darn good solution to those problems.

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Offline Candle Fundraiser

Are you interested in a candle fundraiser, but just not sure about the online aspect of fundraising? No problem – let’s take your fundraiser offline. We’re here to help you customize a program that works best for you.

Fundraisers can (and should!) take advantage of the Change Bank program! One Mission’s beautiful candles (18 different scents) are always delivered in our Change Bank packaging and are available at wholesale pricing to fundraising groups. More than a safe way to ship you soy candles, One Mission Change Banks are sweet little containers of opportunity.

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