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A Back to School Message for my Kids

Hey kids, it’s reeeeeeally important that you know that what you do MATTERS, your actions matter, your words matter, and you CAN make a difference. Be a positive force this school year, okay?

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IPTV’s series ‘Iowa Entrepreneur’

Iowa Public Television has this really great series called ‘Iowa Entrepreneur.’ Have you seen it? Those of you from Iowa just HAVE to tune in. Do you realize just how many awesome businesses are going on right here in our home land? Seriously cool stuff! I am SO proud to be from Iowa… that’s for sure! And guess what??!! One Mission is ON the show! We’d love it if you watched our segment! It’s right here… on the blog!

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6 becomes 8 (And 8 is pretty great)

Our. Boys. Are. Home. It’s been a journey, and not a particularly easy one. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to all of you who have been following our story, praying and/or providing encouraging words as the days (and years) went by. We have felt (and are still feelin’) the love!

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When I Wait, You Strengthen my Heart – Psalm 27:14

Just wanted to write today and fill you in on our adoption progress. The boys’ passports have been applied for!! I’m so happy about this I can hardly stand it. Today, they went into the office to get finger-printed. This is getting so real. And to be honest, I’m having a hard time concentrating. I’m a little jittery (okay… probably doesn’t help that I’m on my third cup of coffee), my mind is racing about all that I need to do.

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