We often hear from non-profit groups that they would love to add customized apparel to their website.  The problem groups often run into is that customized apparel typically requires inventory; which requires cash and a great guess on the sizes people will order.  Plus, setting up an e-commerce website for a non-profit isn’t always easy and typically results in monthly fees.

One Mission is a pretty darn good solution to those problems.  We offer fundraisers the option of adding customized apparel to their profile pages.  Fundraisers can pick the style and colors of One Mission shirts they want to offer and then we work together to finalize a stellar design for your new tees.  We do require a $150 fee to set up the customized apparel, but after that, there are no additional fees or costs.  (Getting 40% back of each shirt sold, you only have to sell 15 shirts to break even!!  Anything above and beyond that is extra money for you and your mission.)

The customized apparel is then a permanent option on the fundraiser profile page.  We’ll even send you digital images of the customized apparel so you can promote it through email and on your website.

Pretty cool, eh?