Hello. I hope this finds you all safe and WARM (those in Iowa reading this really know what I mean) as this Winter feels relentless! Unfortunately, it seems as though Jim’s battle is similar! Jim was transferred to St. Luke’s inpatient rehab. However, after a few days there, he developed a blood clot from his thigh to his calf, so he was transferred to the neuro floor at St. Luke’s. Just yesterday Jim was transferred back to rehab. Please continue to pray for Jim! His platelets are currently low, so he once again has another hurdle to climb. Pray specifically for his platelets to come up and for the blood clot to dissolve.

Jim and his family are so incredibly thankful for ALL of your love, support, and prayers. Prayers for endurance and strength for Jim, his family, and all his doctors, nurses, staff, and caretakers. Jim went in thinking he would be home from the hospital in a week, and tomorrow starts a new month. Let’s keep rallying behind him and his family.

If you feel led to donate to Jim’s cause you can do so here through One Mission. Custom t-shirts are still available, as well as many other great products with 40% of each purchase being donated.

Warmest wishes and much gratitude to you all.