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One Mission's Fees

Simple, Honest Fees!

Our mission is to help you reach your fundraising goals.  So, we keep our fees as low as possible to maximize the amount of money you raise…and keep.

Our Standard Fees:

  • Setup Fee: $0.00
  • Monthly Fee: $0.00
  • Withdrawal Fee: $0.00
  • Platform Fee: 0%
  • Credit Card Processing Fee: 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction

Note: The credit card processing fee applies to both cash donation and product purchase transactions.

What are the standard fees for crowdfunding websites?

Many crowdfunding websites use carefully chosen language (we’re being nice…what we really mean is “sly”) when they describe their fees.  They separate fees charged into two different areas, their platform fee and the credit card fee.  It would be far simpler to combine them, but it’s how they’ve chosen to present the fees so they look lower.

  • The platform fee is basically the fee the company is charging either the donor or the fundraiser to handle the clerical work of receiving and then sending out the donations. This fee is also where crowdfunding companies get the profit margin to keep their lights on and make a profit.  Typical platform fees are 5% to 9%.
  • The credit card processing fee is the amount the big ol’ financial institutions charge the crowdfunding website to actually charge the card and secure the money from the donor. Typical credit card processing fees are 2.9% plus $.30 to $.50 per transaction.

So, the total fees for most crowdfunding websites are around 8% plus $.30 to $.50 per transaction.  As an example, when a donor makes a $100 contribution, the fundraiser actually gets around only $91.50.

One other thing: some crowdfunding sites charge monthly fees to “host” the fundraiser on their website.  Some charge a fee to make the fundraiser more prominent on their website.  Some even charge a fee to withdraw the proceeds of your fundraiser.  You’ll definitely want to keep those types of fees in mind too as they can really add up.  At One Mission, we don’t charge any of those fees.

Below is a brief summary of the fees you’ll see on common crowdfunding platforms.


Platform Fee

Processing Fee

Total Fee

Keep in Mind…

One Mission 0% 2.9% + $.30 2.9% + $.30 Simple, honest fees.
GoFundMe 5% 2.9% + $.30 or 4.25% 7.9% + $.30 to 9.25% For charities, GoFundMe charges a 5% platform fee plus a processing fee of 4.25%.
KickStarter 5% 3% to 5% 8% to 10% Limited to creative projects.  Charitable fundraising not permitted.
Crowdrise 3% to 5% 2.9% + $.30 7.9% + $.30 Free accounts pay a 5% platform fee.  Paid accounts (up to $199/month) pay 3%.
YouCaring 0% to 11% 2.9% + $.30 2.9% to 13.9% + $.30 Operates by recommending to donors a contribution of 5% or more.
Indiegogo 4% to 9% 3% to 5% 7% to 14% 9% fee charged, with 5% refunded only if you reach your fundraising goal.

Let’s look at the numbers…

Crowdfunding platform fees are worth paying attention to.  To illustrate this, imagine your fundraiser brought in $10,000, through 100 cash donations.  In this example, One Mission just helped you keep an extra $500.


Platform Fee

Processing Fee

Total Fee

Total Funds Received

One Mission

($10,000 x 0%)
($10,000 x 2.9%) +
($.30 x 100)
$320 $9,680


($10,000 x 5%)
($10,000 x 2.9%) +
($.30 x 100)
$820 $9,180


We figure you could do a lot of good with that additional $500.  Which is why we wanted to give you a crowdfunding platform that really is free of platform fees.  And, don’t forget that you’ll likely raise more money with the help of One Mission’s product fundraising.

Is One Mission’s Platform Fee really ZERO?

Yep, really. The goal of One Mission is to help you raise as much money as possible for your mission, plain and simple. That’s why we don’t charge a platform fee. The money donated directly to your fundraiser should be all yours.

The only charge to cash donations and product purchases that you will ever see is the standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

In addition to no platform fees, we also don’t charge any setup fees, monthly fees, or withdrawal fees of any sort.  Zip, zilch, nada.

But how does One Mission fund its crowdfunding services?

The reason we can provide a great online fundraising platform without the typical 5 percent platform fee is because we make a modest profit on the product side of our fundraisers that helps us keep the lights on. This is something that other crowdfunding companies just don’t have—it’s one of the things that makes us different and part of why we think One Mission really is the best fundraising company out there.

Does combining crowdfunding with product fundraising benefit my fundraiser?

Absolutely!  Most people make a cash donation to a crowdfunding fundraiser only once.  However, those same people frequently return to One Mission to buy apparel, note cards, soaps, and other great products throughout the year.  And if they can buy those products to support your fundraiser, they’ll support your fundraiser over and over.  It’s an awesome win-win, again and again.

Plus, product fundraising helps expand your giving network beyond your closest family and friends.  Aunt Judy is going to support any fundraiser that you do, right?  But, Judy’s friends may not be as interested…unless they see a great product that Judy purchased through the fundraiser.

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