2016 has proven to be a long and emotional year. But through it all, a ten month long Army deployment and the second adoption of our two boys in China, God has carried us through the storm. And as the year draws to an end we are anxious to celebrate the unifying of our family, that has been split between three continents for the past year.
Soon, Thomas will be home and we will usher in the holidays, giving thanks for each other and the blessing that is family. At the same time, we will be awaiting our immigration approval for our sons in China!
We are in the final stages of their adoption, just a few more steps. We are hopeful that we will be traveling in January to bring them home. We look forward to beginning the new year with our whole family under one roof!
At this time we are at a crossroad and in need of prayer and help. We recently had unexpected fees come due, and until they are paid, our adoption can not move forward. Would you please pray for our boys and their adoption. Thank you.