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Fundraising for World Changers

Our big hearted team is committed to helping you reach your fundraising goals.

Product Fundraising

Products your supporters will LOVE!  And, 40% of each and every purchase donated to your Fund, always.


Crowd Funding

0% platform fees means more money for your cause (we just pass along the credit card fees).


Custom Products

Our graphic designers can work with you to create an amazing custom t-shirt (and other products) just for you!


Fundraising Success

What is a One Mission Fund?

  • It’s a web page completely & uniquely dedicated to your cause.

  • A platform to share your story.

  • An online shop offering your supporters all of One Mission’s branded products. (Remember, you get 40% of all purchases!)

  • A place to showcase your custom or adopted products, if you want them. (40% of these purchases donated, too!)

  • Crowdfunding for supporters to simply donate to your cause. (Because not everyone wants to shop!)

  • A blog to provide updates to your supporters along the way.

    Your friends, your family, your tribe… they are invested in you. We are too.

Why One Mission?

  • It’s free and easy to start a Fund!
  • We offer the best fundraising products on the planet. (No, really!) Your supporters will fall head over heels in love with our soft, quality apparel, note cards, art prints, jewelry & more!
  • 40% of product purchases donated back to your cause is a big deal.
  • We handle all of the logistics (payments, order fulfillment, shipping… everything)
  • No platform fee on cash donations. (Crowd Funding)
  • Custom tees are our thing. Graphic Designers at your beck and call, ready to create something fabulous for you. (No clip art allowed!)
  • Our team is in this with you, every step of the way!

A One Mission Fund is Perfect For You If:

  • You have a supportive network of people behind you.
  • You are committed to reaching a specific goal in a specific timeline.
  • You are committed to promoting your fund page to your friends and family.
  • You are active on social media.

Let’s work together to create

Custom Products

Adding custom products to your Fund Page is an easy, collaborative effort between you and your Fund Ambassador. We have lots of ideas and experience and can help you put together an assortment of products your supporters will love. We’re talking LOVE. It might just become your supporters’ new favorite tee.

Our most commonly customized products are apparel, totes and coffee mugs. We also can customize art prints, note cards, leather cuffs, and jewelry, too.

  • Available directly on your Fund Page.
  • Custom designed by One Mission’s design team…not an online clip-art tool.
  • Allows supporters to wear your story.
  • Printed and shipped on-demand, directly to supporters so they will wear it and drum up more support. (Selfies on social media highly encouraged!)
  • There is a setup fee to help us prepare to make your custom products on-demand.
  • For inspiration, review our Custom Design Library.
  • Do one of our One Mission messages fit your cause to a “tee”? Adopt it, and use it as your custom design, FREE.
Add Custom Products to Your Fund

Meet the

One Mission Team

We are a heart-filled company with a team of people dedicated to helping others do good in the world. We’d be so honored to have you fundraise for your cause with us.

Have Questions or Want to Chat?

Our Story

– Everything Changed –

We are John and Amanda Rhomberg, who, on a plane ride home from Haiti in 2013, penned on a napkin our vision for what is now One Mission. Our mission is simple: to help world-changers fundraise for GOOD. So… we created a platform to do just that.

What are People Saying?

  • “I looked at a few websites and yours was the most professional and to me, eye catching. The quality of your products is great! Everyone loves your products. We appreciate your support and the help with flyers and wording etc. You guys are awesome!!!!”

    “Our daughter just purchased for me the cuff bracelet (Phil.4:13) and I love it. Keep looking up!! You are doing wonderful things.”

    “I just wanted to thank you guys for being awesome!! Everyone loves the shirts and candle/tarts they ordered. I so appreciate that you guys took the time and made an offline order form for Kylee. I thought it worked wonderful.”

  • “Your business is the most amazing thing to me. Full of so much heart. I love it, love it, LOVE. IT. I will definitely be spreading the word about you guys!”

    “Thanks for all you do. Keep pushing forward – you’re doing so much good and I love supporting OM!”

    “One Mission is a story of faith, hope and love-a story that needs to be shared.”

  • “What an amazing place to work with! You have been great to work with and very responsive to all of the questions we had! Thank you for all you do!”

    “I recently ordered a canvas picture from One Mission. It was a very special picture of my grandson and I and I couldn’t have more pleased with the quality! It arrived very quickly. I would highly recommend One Mission Fundraising. I’m happy to support life changing causes, as well.”

    “We are currently fundraising with One Mission – They are the absolute best to work with!”

  • “Fabulous organization, wonderful dedication to change and community support, beautiful products!! Love love love!”

    “One Mission has a special place in our hearts. When we were worried about how to gain support and struggle with fundraising, they were the answer to our prayer. Now we can focus more on our missions. God Bless.”

    “One of the best funding platforms for missions-minded folk that I’ve seen!”

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