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Product Fundraising + Crowdfunding
and Change the World

Truly Unique, Easy Way to Fundraise

  • It’s Free and Easy to start a fund!
  • Best fundraising products on the planet. Including custom apparel, if that’s your thing
  • 40% of each and every purchase by your supporters is donated to your cause. Always. And we handle all of the logistics (payments, shipping… everything)
  • No platform fee on cash donations (crowdfunding).
  • We’ll help you every step of the way, if you want us to.

Create a One Mission Fund for YOUR cause

  1. Register your fund
  2. Tell your story
  3. Share your fund
  4. Change the world

Ready to Get Started?


– (wurld cheyn-jer) –

Noun: Someone who sees a need and decides to DO SOMETHING about it.

(Making a difference for even one person totally counts!)

Raise more & Keep more

Invite your supporters to purchase our beautifully designed, responsibly made products (40% donated) and/or give cash donations (with no platform fees) and fund your mission!

We’ve found that this unique combination often generates repeat support for the causes. People really do love our products and tend to keep shopping over time, choosing to support the cause they love over and over again.

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What are People Saying?

I’ve been looking for a sustainable way to raise money for my non-profit org. Plus, we’ve always wanted to offer custom apparel without investing a lot of money in inventory.

We’ve been looking for a product fundraiser that offered high-quality products our donors would actually use. We found a great solution with One Mission.

Raising money for our adoption has been a huge challenge. One Mission makes it really easy to create a fundraiser and promote it to all of the people that want to support us.

One Mission Products

Beautiful, responsibly made (and 40% of EACH purchase is donated to your cause)

Game Changers

Custom Apparel Fundraiser


Add your custom t-shirt or other custom products to your fund and really create some buzz. From creation to fulfillment, we help you every step of the way.
MVPs (Most Valuable Promoters)


Engaging your MVPs (Most Valuable Promoters) from the beginning of your fund can make a huge impact. We can help!
Bulk Free Shipping


Are your supporters centrally located? Let’s offer a free shipping code and bulk ship the orders together.
Deal & Promotions


Keep your fund fresh by offering deals and promotions. We’ve got you covered!
Candle Fundraiser


A simple offline fundraiser whether you take orders via order forms or buy a wholesale stock. Learn More >>

Are you ready to roll? Let’s Do It!

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