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Fundraising For Your Adoption

A One Mission Fund combines the best online fundraising ideas together into one platform.

Product Fundraising

Products your supporters will LOVE!  And, 40% of each and every purchase donated to your Fund, always.


Crowd Funding

0% platform fees means more money for your cause (we just pass along the credit card fees).


Custom Products

Our graphic designers can work with you to create an amazing custom t-shirt (and other products) just for you!


Fundraising Success

This is life-changing, providing a child, or children, a place to call their forever home, their forever family. What you are doing matters and we certainly cannot let a lack of funds hold you back. One Mission is committed to helping people do good in the world and raising money for your adoption has never been easier or more effective. We would love to partner with you.

Start a One Mission Fund

Product Fundraising + Crowdfunding + Custom T-Shirt = Success

  • Create an online Fund Page dedicated specifically to your adoption story. Be sure to set your goal amount in reasonable chunks, as we can always do phase 2, phase 3, etc. As we all know, adoptions can take some time, especially international adoption!

  • Optional, but highly recommended: Work with our Design Team to create the perfect custom t-shirt, mug, or other item. (Ex: The outline of Africa with an applicable verse or message) Check out our Design Library for custom t-shirt inspiration.

  • An easy option for donating cash only, for people who simply want to donate money to the Fund.

  • Promote your Page, tell your story, encourage all friends and family to shop + give. Your Fund gets 40% of all product purchases (both One Mission branded items and custom products) and ALL of cash donations. *Credit card processing fees apply.

  • Orders come to us and we ship directly to supporters as the come in making it hassle-free for you!

  • Want a free shipping code for family and local supporters? We can do that!

  • We will send a check for the dollar amount raised each month for that the Fund is open.

Adoption Fundraising Online


A One Mission Fund is Perfect For You When:

  • You have a supportive network of people behind you.
  • You are committed to reaching a specific goal in a specific timeline.
  • You are committed to promoting your fund page to your friends and family.
  • You are active on social media.

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Our Story

– Everything Changed –

Our family has walked the adoption journey and we know that it can be an arduous path, both emotionally and financially. We understand the financial burden, and that’s why we’re here. We want to help you raise money to bring your child home. It’s so worth it, I promise! We’re in this together.

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