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The Power of Change

The Change Challenge is a fun, simple, and effective way to raise money offline. Start by giving away our premium, 15-ounce hand-poured soy candles to your network of friends, family, local businesses or church congregations. In return, have them fill up the change banks with coins and return them to you for your cause. You count the money and go do some GOOD with it.

WHY choose the Change Challenge?

  • Engage your community in doing some good.
  • Quickly, simply, and effectively raise funds for your cause.
  • Your supporters get a free, high-quality gift that they will LOVE. (Candles make great gifts.)
  • Get a great return on your investment, which means more money for your cause. (Each change bank could potentially hold $100 in change!)


How it Works

Candles Delivered

1. Order Candles

Contact us to order your candles and schedule your Change Challenge. Then, we’ll ship them out to you. Order 36 or more and shipping is free.

Announce the Challenge

2. Give Them Away

Announce your Change Challenge to your supporters. Share the story of your cause and give away your One Mission Candles and let them know when you’d like the change banks returned (we recommend 3-4 weeks). Use our sign-up sheet to help you keep track of the change banks.

Supporters "Fill It Up"

3. Supporters “Fill it Up”

Now, watch as your supporters start filling up their One Mission Change Banks with loose coins from their cars, the sofa cushions, and old coat pockets. Still not full? Encourage them to set their Change Banks out at work for co-workers to add to, take it around the neighborhood, or just write a check!

Change Banks Returned

4. Banks Are Retured

Collect the banks and count the change. Announce your earnings and thank all of your supporters. Without their generosity you would not have been able to achieve your goal. Now, with your funds in place, it’s time to go change the world.

Count the Change

5. Extra Impact

For an added extra-umph-factor, encourage other similar groups to get in on the fun by engaging in a little good, old fashion co-opetition, and see which group can raise the most funds. Get enough groups together, and we’ll pitch in for a prize.


Success Story

“One Mission Fundraising is professional, courteous, and best of all client oriented! My parish loved the soy candles! People flocked to get their hands on a quality item, and were delighted to give towards our fundraiser.

I’ll be using One Mission again for sure!”

Have Questions or Want to Chat?

You could always call us at (319) 895-4072!

High-Quality, Handmade Candles

Soy Candles Packaged in Change Banks

All One Mission candles are hand-poured in our Iowa location. Our premium soy candles are packaged in our attractive and sturdy One Mission Change Bank. The 15 ounce candles have burn times between 45 and 60 hours.

Scents Include: Caramel Pecan – Cinnamon Roll – Cinnamon Spice – Citrus  – Fresh Mint – Lemongrass –  Lilac – Mocha Latte – Pumpkin Spice – Red Currant – Soft Linen – Winter Pine


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