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Custom Products for Your Fund

What better way to share your story than to have people wearing & using it out into the world?

Two Ways to Customize Your Fund

Add Custom Products to Your Fund

Let’s Create Custom Products

Our designers can work with you to create a thoughtful and meaningful design that moves people to action. People out there wearing your t-shirt and promoting your cause leads to even more support!

Adopt A Message - Use a One Mission Design on Your Fund Page

Adopt a One Mission Message

Does one of our messages speak to you? Perhaps you’ll find one that describes your cause to a ‘tee.’ 🙂 We can highlight that collection on your Fund Page for easy access for your supporters. 

Let’s work together to create

Custom Products

Adding custom products to your Fund Page is an easy, collaborative effort between you and your Fund Ambassador. We have lots of ideas and experience and can help you put together an assortment of products your supporters will love. We’re talking LOVE. It might just become your supporters’ new favorite tee.

Our most commonly customized products are apparel, totes and coffee mugs. We also can customize art prints, note cards, leather cuffs, and jewelry, too.

  • Available directly on your Fund Page.
  • Custom designed by One Mission’s design team…not an online clip-art tool.
  • Allows supporters to wear your story.
  • Printed and shipped on-demand, directly to supporters so they will wear it and drum up more support. (Selfies on social media highly encouraged!)
  • There is a setup fee to help us prepare to make your custom products on-demand.
  • For inspiration, review our Custom Design Library.
Add Custom Products to Your Fund

Save time and money

Adopt a One Mission Message

If one of our designs resonates with you…adopt it! Building a community around a single message can be extremely powerful, and we can load the full assortment of that message directly onto your Fund Page.  For example, we’ve had medical Funds adopt the “She Believed She Could and So She Did” jewelry and apparel.  Mission teams and church groups have adopted our “Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus”. There is no cost to adopt a message.

  • It’s free.
  • Entire collection featured on your Fund Page.
  • Allows you to build a community around a message that relates to your cause.
  • Review all of our messages > >>
Adopt A Message - Use a One Mission Design on Your Fund Page


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