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Let’s Talk About Medical Fundraising!

Can I get a great big ‘UGH’ for Medical costs?

Really… why, oh why are medical bills so insanely high?  And unfortunately, they add up so, so fast.  But you know what?  We believe people genuinely want to help. And when there may not be anything to physically do, being able to join in the fight and donate to your cause will help them feel helpful.  Know what I mean? Our health is a great gift, and when threatened by illness or accident, it can shake us to our core. We get it.

Let us help you to lighten the burden in raising funds for your medical cause. We can start right now!

Online Fundraising Store


One Mission Fund


Create a free One Mission Fund. Tell your story. Promote your cause. Accept cash donations (with no platform fees) and offer products your supporters will love (you get 40% of the product sale) and we’ll take care of the rest.  SO easy!

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Custom Apparel Fundraiser


Supporters can help bring awareness to your cause by wearing great designed, super soft and comfortable tees and apparel. We can help you create a great design. Or maybe you’ve already got one. Sweet, let’s do it! Sell the tees on your online store so your cause tees can be shipped all over, or place a bulk order for a group event.

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Change Challenge


Super-charge your fundraising efforts with a fundraising juggernaut – aka Change Banks. Participate in our Change Challenges or create your own Challenge.

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