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Let’s Talk About Non-Profit Fundraising!

Dear World Changer,

What you do matters, and we can’t let funds hold you back. Successful fundraising is a vital part of health for every non-profit. That’s why we are here. We get you. We want to help you change the world and thrive as an organization.

Let’s get funds moving together and make this happen!

Online Fundraising Store


Online Fundraising Store


Supplement your fundraising efforts by asking your donors to purchase with purpose. 40% of all product purchases go to your cause. Create a free One Mission Fund in minutes. Tell your story. Promote your cause. Also, accept cash donations with no platform fee and offer products your supporters will love. SO easy!

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Custom Apparel Fundraiser


A tee with your message can be your donors’ favorite with our soft, comfortable tees. Have a design, great let’s get it on a tee? Or need help? We have designers who are GREAT at turning your ideas into something spectacular. We can be your no hassle apparel store offering multiple styles of apparel with your design!

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Change Challenge


Friendly co-opetition can super-charge your fundraising efforts. One Mission candles packaged in Change Banks can be a fundraising juggernaut. Create your own challenge to inspire your stakeholders to raise funds for your cause.

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Benefits for Non-Profits

Thank You Message & Tax Receipt

Saying “Thank You” is vitally important. Our online fundraising store enables you to create a customized “Thank You” message that is displayed on the order confirmation screen as well as the emailed receipt. Once we confirm that an organization is a 501c(3) non-profit, we enable language that is placed on the supporters paid receipt that indicates that the donated portion of the transaction qualifies as a year-end charitable contribution.

Online Fundraising Store

Your Own Online “Apparel Store”

Despite wanting to wear apparel that promotes your non-profit, it’s often not a great financial move to order a bunch of branded shirts and hope you’ve guessed right on sizes, colors, and styles. We’ve got great news! You don’t have to guess. Just work with us to create your design, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll take online orders and ship directly to your supporters. Want to order some apparel to sell on site or do you want to collect offline orders for an event – we can provide you tees at wholesale. Learn more about custom apparel >>

Custom Apparel

Know Your Donors

Donor relationships are the lifeblood of any non-profit. We can help you understand who your supporters are by showing you who participated in the fundraiser. Just check out the Campaign Performance tab on your Administrative screen to see a list of your supporters.

Supporter List

Success Story

I’ve been looking for a sustainable way to raise money for my non-profit org. Plus, we’ve always wanted to offer custom apparel without investing a lot of money in inventory. (View fundraiser page)

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