With so many crowdfunding options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?  We tried to break it down to the basics, give you the low-down, and really make it pretty simple.


  • Specialty:  None.  Anyone can utilize GoFundMe for any cause or purpose.
  • Description:  GoFundMe aims to help people raise money for personal causes, whatever those may be.  They encourage campaign owners to share their fundraising link with family and friends on social media and keep their donors updated on their progress.
  • Contributor Benefits:  Donors might receive updates from their beneficiaries and are able to give cash donations to people that they care about.
  • Project Length:  There is no time limit for GoFundMe campaigns; the creator of a campaign can choose to set a time limit if they’d like, and make their campaign operate under the “all or nothing” model.
  • Fees:  GoFundMe collects voluntary tips during the donation process.  There is an additional 2.9% and 30 cents fee per donation for payment processing.


  • Specialty:  Creative projects; best for artists and designers.
  • Description:  Kickstarter is geared towards assisting emerging artists to finance new products and endeavors.  Kickstarter operates on an “all or nothing” model, which means that the designated fundraising goal must be met by the end of the project length in order to claim the money.  If the goal is not met, the supporters of the project are not charged and the project receives no money.
  • Contributor Benefits:  People who back a project on Kickstarter are often rewarded a copy of what the money goes towards making, such as a CD or book; rewards vary based on each individual project.
  • Project Length:  Projects can last for a maximum of 60 days, but Kickstarter recommends running a project for 30 days for ideal results.
  • Fees:  5% of collected funds go to Kickstarter; and additional 3-5% goes towards payment processing fees.


  • Specialty:  None.  Projects are split into three categories: Creative, Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit.
  • Description:  Indiegogo is a platform for anyone who has an idea or project that they would like help funding.  Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo involves  both a fundraising goal and a deadline.  However, campaign runners can keep the funds they raise in the allotted time even if they don’t meet their goal.
  • Contributor Benefits:  Many Indiegogo campaigns will offer perks to those who contribute certain amounts of money.  Perks are decided on by the owners of the campaigns and can be anything from actual objects to a simple thank you.
  • Project Length:  The maximum length of an Indiegogo campaign is 60 days.
  • Fees:  Indiegogo collects 5% on all funds raised. If another platform is used, 8% or more is collected for support from their team.  There is an additional 3% fee for payment processing.

One Mission Fundraising

Let us introduce you to a better alternative.  One Mission is the ONLY site that provides both crowdfunding (ZERO platform fees) and product fundraising.  And a huge benefit is that supporters will often do both cash donations and purchase products (oftentimes over and over), contributing to your cause all along the way.

  • Specialty:  Good causes.  These can include mission trips, adoptions, medical causes, non-profits, athletic teams, fine arts, and many others.
  • Description:  One Mission is a business that helps worthy causes raise the money they need.  Donors can give a cash donation or purchase one of the many great products available on their website.  All product management and shipping goes directly through One Mission, and 40% of every product purchase goes to the One Mission fundraiser of the donor’s choice.
  • Contributor Benefits:  One Mission products are high-quality and sustainable.  Donors can either keep the products they purchase for themselves or use them as gifts for family and friends.
  • Project Length:  Organizers can choose how long they want their fundraisers to run for.
  • Fees:  There is a ZERO platform fee on all cash donations (which a big differentiation over the other three crowdfunding platforms).  The only charge is the standard credit card processing fees, which are 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.  Learn more about how fees impact a campaign, and how One Mission Fundraising works.

Crowdfunding Comparison

 So, what are you waiting for?