Initial Update:

On July 3rd Adam was in a diving accident where he 100% dislocated his c4 and c5 vertebrae and suffered a compression fracture in his c4 vertebrae. At the time of the incident, he was surrounded by many folks in the medical field (Nurses, EMT’s, OT’s, etc.) including his girlfriend Jayne. They were able to quickly stabilized him in the water until emergency responders were able to rush him to the ER at UW-Madison Hospital. He under went emergency surgery by Dr. Paul A. Anderson, renowned orthopedic spinal surgeon which fused his C4 and C5 vertebrae, removed the bone fragment and reconstructed the vertebra.

Post surgery, Adam has the ability to shrug his shoulders, move his head, and has some feeling (or sensation) in his upper arms (biceps). His breathing tube was removed on July 6th, where he quickly asked for his mustache wax. He is in good spirits and surrounded by his family, girlfriend , friends, and a great medical team. While we don’t know much about Adam’s long term prognosis, we are hopeful and positive while taking this one day at a time.

As of 9:00 a.m ., July 6th UW Hospital:

They were able to remove the breathing tube this morning which was immediately met by Adam telling his buddy Kevin my shirt was ugly. He also asked Jayne where his mustache wax was.

The ability to now talk and not have tubes in his throat seems to have eased some of the anxiousness as you can imagine.

He’s got movement in his shoulders, neck, head. He’s got sensation down the front of his biceps.

Medically he 100% dislocated c4 and c5 with a compression fracture to his C4. They did successful surgery to rebuild his vertebrae and remove the bone fragments.

His spirit is fierce. His attitude is strong! One day a time here.