Update from UW-Madison Hospital July 14, 2016: Adam is continuing to improve everyday. As we know this will be a long road with its highs and lows. Yesterday, unfortunately, was a low. Adam woke up with intense muscular pain in his neck and shoulders. It was difficult to see him in distress with a furrowed brow in agony due to muscle spasms. These painful spasms are expected as his nerves fire to protect his body during recovery.

Expectedly so, Adam continued with all of his therapy, even getting up into his wheelchair. Soon after PT, Adam was transferred out of the Neuro ICU and into an Intermediate Care Unit (IMC). On this unit Adam continues to receive all of the same therapy with less intense monitoring because of his improved condition.

As the day progressed, the pain continued. Thankfully his mood improved after a visit from a massage therapist who demonstrated accupressure massage, releasing a lot of the tension. A visit from a long time friend boosted his spirits and the day took a turn for the better!

Adam’s positivity and motivation continues to be an inspiration for us as he tackles small goals each day!