We want to thank everyone, those who know Adam and those who don’t, who have and who amazingly continue to generously donate time, talent and resources to Adam’s Road to Recovery! Adam would not be at the Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago (RIC) if it weren’t for you. There is no question about that. Unfortunately, the journey is far from over and Adam continues to need your love and generosity.

Phase 1 (Get Adam a Medical Transport) and Phase 2 (Get Adam to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) we’re both successful! Initial payment just to get Adam in the door at RIC was $80,000! But YOU DID IT!

As Adam begins to set his new goals for recovery, PHASE 3 sets a new goal for us. A $100,000 goal to be specific!

While Adam was able to pay the initial payment, there is another sizable portion due by August 5th. A low estimate of what the final bill for this next necessary rehabilitation period will be is $300,000. Easily it could cost 3 times that. To make this level of rehabilitation care possible for Adam, we need your financial help.

Adam is working his tail off. His spirit is strong and his will, fierce. He is focused on his rehabilitation, on playing music again, and on living a life he imagined. His humor is sharp and the way his face lights up when a visitor shows up is unforgettable. Sure, there is nothing he can do right now about cost, or medical expense, or insurance. But we can. We can help Adam with the things out of his control. We can raise the money to help Adam. We can dig deep, ask for help without pride, and raise the funds to allow Adam to focus on healing.

Help Adam stay at RIC and receive the best chance at living the life he imagined!