Hello fine fellows and ladies! Update as of noon on Thursday, July 7th UW Hospital:

First and foremost, Adam just learned about this page and is blown away by the outpouring of support!!! He was overwhelmed to tears and cannot believe how many people are thinking about him and making unbelievable donations to support his recovery – thank you cannot be said enough.

Adam is progressing well after they removed the breathing tube yesterday. He moved upstairs to the Neuro ICU where he is more comfortable and has a fresh perspective on his prognosis. He passed his swallow test, has ordered solid foods and he is slowly being weaned off his blood pressure medicine. His lung function is improving because he’s been working hard with the respiratory therapy team to strengthen his diaphragm and working really hard to improve his cough – which has been a frustrating and slow process. Despite the frustrations, his hard work is paying off because he is rapidly weaning off the high flow nasal cannula. Thus he has more and more energy for conversation with family & friends. “General health wise” Adam is improving hour by hour.

Unfortunately, there are no new developments to report on additional feeling, sensation and/or mobility. He is scheduled for an MRI later today to help determine more about the extent of the damage to his spinal cord. Hopefully we’ll have an update on that soonish.

Adam is so grateful for your prayers and warm wishes, keep them coming! He loves hearing the nods of encouragement.

He wants you all to know that he is working hard to do all that the team at UW Hospital is asking him to so he can get transferred to an acute rehab facility, preferably in Chicago. With transportation costs (UNBELIEVABLY!) almost met, the next step will be determining what Adam needs to meet his out-of-pocket rehab costs…

In the meantime, enjoy this amazing photo of Adam and a part of his amazing support crew from Loras, Kevin Harlander, Becky Suckow, and Jayne!

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