Good afternoon y’all!

Update as of July 8 noon:

Adam is still working hard but man is it exhausting! He’s off all of his other IVs except his blood pressure medicine but they are working on getting him off of that as soon as possible!

Dr. Anderson gave an update based off of the MRI and chest x-ray from yesterday. Chest is looking better and Adam will continue to work on strengthening his diaphragm so he can cough out any liquids that build up. The MRI showed that there was swelling from the C2 to the C6 vertebrae and that Adam’s spinal cord, while showed no external damage to the outer layer, was damaged internally. The extent of the damage will only play out over time as the swelling continues to decrease. Dr. Anderson indicate that once the swelling from the C2 – C6 decreases, Adam will be better able to build up his broad shoulders and deltoids! Knowing Adam, he won’t settle for just that and we’re so excited to see him positive and motivated! He was pretty pumped about getting into a wheelchair today and took a brief walk around the floor!

Adam had a good laugh today thanks to his friend Teddy 🙂 and has been in contact with Chris Norton, another Iowan who suffered a similar injury and had an amazing recovery. Chris has an beautiful story and Adam is looking forward getting to know him more! (You can check our Chris’ story here

We’re all working so hard to get Adam into a great facility for rehab and all of the love, messages, well wishes, food, water, beer and prayers help keep us going! From Adam’s support crew to all of you – thank you!