Do you have a word for 2017?

I do. It’s GRACE.

Adding two teenage boys to an already established household of 6 (only just 5 1/2 months ago), we have realized, provides quite a few challenges and requires a great big dose of patience and GRACE. Don’t get me wrong, though… bringing these boys into our family has been beautiful and wonderful, and I am fully aware that it was only by the GRACE of God that they are home. I am forever grateful. They really are a true gift to our family.

But, the reality is that eight of us now share our space and our things. Eight of us are learning to be consciously respectful of each

life has changed dramatically, for all of us, and that there are times when moods take over, sometimes for no reason at all, and we have to learn not to take things personally.  Eight of us are learning to love more, especially when things are the hardest.  It’s a lot of hard work… and it takes a lot of GRACE. GRACE for those around us, GRACE for ourselves, and knowing and keeping close at heart John 1:16 – “For from HIS fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

So… what’s a great way to literally keep this message close to heart?  Wear it!  🙂  I’m really excited to share this new message with you.  And 40% of each purchase goes towards helping someone else.  I love that.

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