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Angelina Stevens

Angelina Stevens

I am a stay-at-home momma and artist living in Kenosha, Wisconsin with my lovely British husband and creative daughter.  My family has a passion for children and is currently in the process of adopting our son from Haiti. I enjoy being in nature, and am especially fond of hiking and camping.  I also enjoy long bike rides by the lake, spending time with friends, being involved in my small group and working with the Orphan Ministry at Journey Church.

I love experimenting with art and am always in search of new mediums to explore.  Art is a way of expressing what is important to me, and connecting with God. You can view more of my work on my Facebook page at:

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Keri Speidel

Keri Speidel

I started creating things at a very young age.  Doodling all over my papers and not paying attention in class because I was too busy drawing.  My love for art continued through college where I majored in art and education at Cornell College in Mt.Vernon, Iowa.  I have taught art to kindergarteners all the way up to seniors in high school and love every minute of it.

In my “spare” time I create one of a kind painted windows, signs and illustrations.  I try to send positive messages in all of my artwork and give the glory to God, where it always belongs.  You can visit my website at to see more artwork.

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Chelsea Nelson

Meet One Mission artist, Chelsea Nelson; a fan of folk art, simplicity, and Ken Burns documentaries.  Her work has been recognized by Etsy,, the Iowa State Fair, and numerous wedding blogs.  She is constantly creating and is honored to create for One Mission with the primary goal of serving others.

You can follow her artistic journey via Instagram at @thecopperfarmhouseco


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Christina Kaufman Price

Creating beautiful and interesting things is a passion of mine.  It’s also a very human characteristic.  We replicate what we see around us and interpret it all through our own unique and personal lens. Our world could not exist without beauty! Whether it’s art, jewelry, or music, I strive to create a product that will delight and bring a smile of appreciation to each and every recipient.  I hope you enjoy my products with One Mission.  They are all hand-crafted with love.





Are you interested in becoming a One Mission artist?  Let’s talk.

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