#WorldChangers in HAITI

 What worked for them: Non-Profit Fundraising

Meet Community Health Initiative. This program is an ongoing, non profit organization, led by project leader Chris Buresh,  that is committed and focused on improving the quality of life- especially the quality of medical care- in the rural communities throughout Haiti. Recently they have started a new recycling center, latrines, and a water treatment center, providing jobs, education, and safe and sanitary resources for community members. If that’s not world-changing work, I don’t know what is!

CHI is using their One Mission Fund as a supplemental way to raise funds for their cause. They are working steadily at achieving their goal, and they are doing great!

Keys to success:

  1. They offered TWO custom T-shirts, made in house at One Mission of course.  (Sold out of both designs) – What better gift to give than a great, comfy T-shirt, from which quite a large portion proceeds (40% to be exact) go directly to better the lives of others.
  2. They promote creatively and WELL, especially around the holidays. A tip from Chris and his team for a successful fund such as theirs? “Just promote it a lot. Get it out in front of people!”

CHI is all about the gift of giving- giving better medical attention, sustainable solutions, and community projects- that change the lives of so many people in need. This group and all of its members who are committed to missions and to helping are truly incredible!  Have you ever thought about going on a mission trip to Haiti?  CHI just might be your group to travel with.  Several people who have gone on mission trips with CHI have also set up One Mission Funds for their trips and have had success.  We can help you, too!  To set up your own One Mission Fund, click here.

To learn more about the efforts behind Community Health Initiative, please check out their fund page: One Mission Fund – Until the Work Is Done (Named this because they will continue going to Haiti… until the work is done). Pretty cool work, eh?