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Quarterly Subscription 100 Women Who Give a Hoot

$105.00 on the 1st day of every 3rd month

The selected charity will receive $100 of the $105 subscription after processing fees.

This subscription will be processed quarterly on the 1st day of the month.

The selected processing dates for this 100+ group are the 1st of March, June, September and December.

Once you enroll and are charged the first time, the date your credit card is charged ongoing will be changed to coincide with the groups four selected dates.

“Big hearts and limited time” That’s the heart of 100 Women Who Give a Hoot. Now there’s a way to make your giving experience even easier.

Show up.  Have a good time.  Do some good.  Go home.  It’s that simple with the Quarterly Auto-Pay Subscription option for our members.  No more ‘Where is my checkbook?’ as you leave the house and no more worrying about following up with your donation when you’re unable to attend.  The 100 Women Who Give a Hoot convenient subscription program simplifies the process for members to make their quarterly donations and ensures that the maximum amount is donated to worthy local charities.

When you sign up for the subscription program, your credit card will be charged $105 on the 1st day of every 3rd month.  $100 of that amount will be donated to the selected charity and the $5 covers the credit card. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  You can change your payment method at any time.

What’s easier and more fun when it comes to giving back than 100 Women Who Give a Hoot? (Nothing, that’s what.)  Thank you for supporting our community!

NOTE: When subscribing to the Auto-Pay program, please do not include any other products in your shopping cart.  If you would like to purchase 100+ apparel, or any other item, please do so in a separate transaction.  Thank you.

First payment: July 1, 2018

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