Purchase with purpose.

What’s the big deal?

What does it matter?

Who cares where the products come from?

Why does it matter how they are made?

These are some big questions I began to ask myself a few years ago. I found the majority of my purchases were supporting ill-working conditions, chemical-full ingredients, and inequality in the work place.  I started researching the companies I was shopped from and found I couldn’t believe what I had supported by purchasing the products.

It is a big deal.

It does matter.

People matter and YOU matter. Ingredients that are good for the body are a win.  If you can purchase a tee and know that it was ethically manufactured – that’s something to feel good about.  Purchasing art that was made by locals or hand stamped in Haiti – now that is powerful. Every dollar spent is a vote for what matters – what is important to you?

One Mission cares a lot about supporting GREAT causes and providing GREAT products! Is it possible to feel good about the product and the purchase? With One Mission – yes!  Pick your cause to support (or let it support the general fund and send it into the pockets of several causes doing good things) and shop knowing you made a difference.  Let your dollars vote for you – because its important.

It is a big deal.

It does matter.

Want to know more about ethically responsible shopping? Here are some great reads here , here , and here.  Ready to shop One Mission? Check out our newest products!


Jessie Lowe is a contributing author to One Mission Fundraising. Jessie is a Believer, Mama, Truth Teller, Yoga Teacher, Community Builder.