July 15th:

Good morning A-Team! We’re going to have some fun this Friday and we have some exciting news!

Get ready for the “$10 ‘STACHE CASH DASH!”

Adam has been preliminary accepted to transfer to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) http://www.ric.org/ for his acute inpatient rehab. RIC is one of the top rehab facilities in the country and will give Adam his best chance of reaching his potential!!

Adam is expected to be at RIC for a minimum of 6 weeks, where he will work on everything from strengthening his muscles, being fit for the appropriate wheelchair and assistive devices, teaching us how to care for him and a whole lot more.

The gap in coverage for Adam to be at RIC is $169,000.00! So to make that more feasible for the Craig Family, we’re challenging everyone who likes this page to donate $10.00 today! Our goal is to get 750 $10.00 donations by 11:59 p.m. and we will be posting updates throughout the day on number of donations!