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2019 F4 Tornado Musicians' Barn Benefit

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Start: Aug 27, 2019 - End: Oct 31, 2019

When the F4 🌪️ Tornado hit our country neighborhood, many of us completely lost, or mostly lost our homes. But the majority of us lost our barns. A dear friend of mine started a GoFundMe page to help with putting some kind of shelter together for our horses. I am truly indebted. But I am also want to give back.  And as a lifelong musician, I know the joy, community, and healing that music can bring to others. Thus: the Musicians’ Barn Benefit! The idea is that musicians I know, and others I hope to know, will give of their time and talents making music; the fans of the musicians will spread the word and come to the benefit; the communities being supported by the proceeds will donate to the cause by donating items for auction or raffle or food and drink; and the proceeds will go to some barn owners whose livelihoods and/or livestock are in desperate need of attention with winter coming on. We have been offered the use of a magnificent facility in Zimmerman’s Kill Creek Barn. We have a date of October 6th, 2019 from 10am to 8pm. Please shop and donate here and plan to spend a fall day with us making music, making a community, and making a difference in some barn owners’ lives.

Fund Leader: Karen Boyer
Fund Type: Community Benefits

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