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Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor


Start: Apr 1, 2021 - End: May 1, 2021

Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor

The Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) is an international organization that welcomes anyone and everyone to harness the power of humor!

Grab some swag and join us online April 29 – May 1 for the 2021 Annual Humor Conference, Super-Humor! Powerful. Therapeutic. Fun.  

Did you know that humor’s innumerable health benefits include significant stress reduction, greater pain tolerance, increased blood flow, and enhanced immune function? Plus, it has a wealth of other benefits, such as improved memory retention, enhanced trust, credibility, connection, and empathy. It even improves memory retention—did we already mention that one? 😉

If humor’s so amazing, shouldn’t we all be trying to work more of it into our lives? That’s where AATH comes in.  Humor really is a SUPERPOWER.  

Your purchase will support AATH’s mission to serve as the community of professionals who study, practice, and promote healthy humor and laughter.

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