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Adopting a newborn baby

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Start: Jan 5, 2020 - End: Apr 2, 2020

Adopting a newborn baby

We have wanted to adopt for a long time to give a child a family and not only to give a child a family, but help them have a better life. Some children come to adoption from tough backgrounds. They may have been placed in the foster care system after living with abusive or otherwise unfit parents, they may have been abandoned, or they may have been orphaned. Each of these reasons can have a negative impact on a child’s life causing them to develop an angry, melancholic, or even fearful outlook on life. Maybe their parents have health issues, addiction issues, or maybe they were abused in their homes. Children in need can come into your life in all shapes and sizes, and simply knowing of a child who needs a loving family and home gives me the desire to want to adopt in my heart. I have two little girls now 2 and 5 and they always tell me mommy I want a baby brother and I always tell them maybe one day we can get you a baby brother and I’ve always wanted to adopt but the expenses are not cheap and I just want to give a child a home and a place they can call home. All the help I can get would be appreciated and help me give a Child a place to call home

Fund Leader: Cassie Botzet
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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