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Home School Missionary Teacher


Start: Feb 9, 2019 - End: Jul 24, 2019

Home School Missionary Teacher

I am currently a missionary Home School teacher living with a missionary family on furlough. We will be headed back to Uganda in March! I couldn’t be more excited and ready for this whirlwind of an adventure God is taking me on. Following God’s call for me to GO has been one of the most peaceful and joyful seasons of my life. But, it isn’t always easy… and sometimes it’s really hard. One of the hardest parts is figuring out the means to support this journey, financially. I would love for you to take on God’s call for us to fill the great commission with me by helping me be able to do all He is calling me to do.

When I get to Africa I will continue to home school the kids of the Harper family, while their parents work in different ministries around the area. I will also have the opportunity to work with local sports teams, and with children with disabilities.

I couldn’t do this without a whole lotta love and support!

Fund Leader: Alex Cruz
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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