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Amigos Phoenix

$107.40 Raised!

Start: Mar 28, 2019 - End: May 31, 2019

Amigos De Las Americas: Phoenix Chapter

What is Amigos?


Our Vision: A world where each young person becomes a life-long catalyst for change.
  • We believe in Youth Leadership and the capacity for youth to become leaders for positive change.
  • We strive for Transformational Outcomes for participants and communities.
  • We create socially and environmentally conscious Partnerships, through collaboration with communities throughout the Americas.
  • We promote Diversity of volunteers and stakeholders and work to break down barriers.
  • We maintain Respect, transparency, and high standards in everything we do.
  • And above all, we prioritize the health and Safety of our AMIGOS participants.

AMIGOS was founded on the principle that young people can change the world.

In 1965, a 29-year old from Houston, Texas, named Guy Bevil, led a team of teens into rural Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. Serving communities in remote areas of the country, this group of 181 high school students and 36 adults helped protect thousands of people from the crippling disease and established friendships that crossed borders.

This service had a bold impact on the lives of these young people and, as a result, they returned more mature, culturally aware, and inspired to continue serving communities at home and abroad.


Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations

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