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Wishing for a New Bundle to Love

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Start: Aug 21, 2019 - End: Aug 15, 2020

After years of unsuccessful attempts to start a family my husband and I decided to invest in IVF. The happiest day of our lives was December 2, 2015 when we learned we were expecting- twins! We would later find out there were two girls! A few weeks after the excitement our hearts broke when we found out one of our princesses had trisomy 18 and either wouldn’t live to say hi or wouldn’t live a “normal” life. We had mixed reviews if the test was correct or if it was some kind of mixup since she never showed markers on her ultrasounds. In May 2016, we found out she had passed away in utero. Our hearts were shattered beyond repair. All of our ultrasounds from that day forward were of the deceased twin because our healthy twin hid behind her. We like to believe she was hiding behind her so we could have as many pictures of her as possible. They are true treasures. We ended up delivering a heathy little girl and her deceased sister. The happiest and saddest day of our lives. We had a few embryos left that we paid to have tested and learned there were several with abnormal cells. We transplanted the normal embryo which resulted in a failed transfer. We have paid an excessive amount of money to only have more heartbreak.

As we look around with all of the loving support from our families and how much love our daughter gets from everyone it only feels right to give a child a chance to feel this love and support too. Our daughter is blessed and spoiled unconditionally by 2 grandmas and grandpas, 2 aunts and uncles and 4 cousins. The love and excitement is real for her and any future sibling we hope she can have.  We feel that she was meant to have a partner in crime but her partner wasn’t healthy enough to continue with her in the journey of life.

If you met our family you would understand how treasured a baby would be in our family. Please help us expand our endless love!

Fund Leader: Ashlyn Smith
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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