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Start: May 2, 2020 - End: Aug 1, 2020

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Angela's Service Dog

Angela's Service Dog

Hello. My name is Angela and I have started this fundraiser to help me raise the remaining funds for my new service dog that I will be receiving in the fall or winter of 2021.

I am a 2-time brain injury survivor. One from a brain hemorrhage shortly after birth, and the other from a brain surgery I had to have done to alleviate  me of my epileptic seizures in 2013.   I had lost my sight from the surgery and developed a bunch of side effects that I was not aware of before I went through with the surgery in the first place. Surgery was complicated by infection which lead to meningitis and that slowed my recovery.

After the first 4 years of grieving my loss of sight and other cognetive abilities, things became better. But, I still struggle from time to time. One of the biggest problems I have now, is traveling independently since directional memory, fatigue and vertigo made it hard to travel without a dog. I knew I needed a dog to help me with certain issues in regards to my brain injury. So this dog will be trained in mobility assistance, seizure response, guide work, and more.

I had worked with 3 dogs from The seeing Eye in NJ before. So after my brain surgery, I thought my days with working with a dog were over. It was my boyfriend who found Sit Service Dogs who help people with physical and neurological disabilities to become independent again.

Can you help me reach my goal of getting my independence back?

We have made 2 payments to the school and are working on the 3rd payment. There are 4 payments of $3875 each. We still have   $7025 of $15000 to go thanks to a lot of hard work and determination.

I didn’t know if I’d make it this far, but I sure am glad I have. The remainder of the cost will go towards the training of the dog.

The school covers the other half of cost. So the total cost of the dog is $30,000. Your support is greatly appreciated during this time!

Fund Leader: Angela Latessa
Fund Type: Other Groups & Individuals

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