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Atlanta Angels


Start: Sep 15, 2020 - End: Dec 31, 2020

There are over 5,000 children in the foster system in the greater Atlanta area. Five years ago, our daughter was one of them. Today, she is a happy, flourishing, adopted, and incredibly loved little girl. The desire to launch Atlanta Angels was born out of the pain of the knowledge that her story is an exception, and the call to change the story. There are young adults aging out of foster care every day. There are foster families closing their homes and children being displaced. In Fulton County alone, 68% of children are placed in homes outside of the county due to the shortage of foster placements. While we can’t adopt every child in foster care, we can have a positive impact on each one. We can begin to heal their trauma through relationships. We can make sure that ‘every child has a healthy adult who knows the colors of their eyes and the passions of their heart.’ We can provide their caretakers with encouragement and support. As a community, we can do better. Join us in our vision to see every foster parent supported and every child in foster care know that they are valued, loved, and worthy in the metro-Atlanta area.” – Christie Simons, President 

Fund Leader: Christie Simons
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations

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