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Bailey Adoption


Start: Nov 26, 2018 - End: Jan 25, 2019

Bailey Adoption

Adoption has been written on our hearts and we could not think of a more beautiful way to grow our family.

Being the shy type that I am I wrote this down and left it in my notes earlier this year.

July 2017: When I was a little kid I used to get on the diving board and think to myself “jump” but it always took me a few try’s to convince myself to jump! This adoption has had many similarities to jumping off the high board. It’s so easy to say that everything will be okay after landing safely into the pool. However from that distance it’s normal to anticipating the what if’s. Eventually I had jumped off the high diving board enough times to just jump every time the first time. That’s where I am today. God has been building in me faith to just jump. Without hesitation. My mom and all her wisdom (she literally always knows best) reminds me when the right family (or situation as they call it in adoption terms) comes along I will know. Then that’s the one to present our book too. We have presented once before. And it didn’t work out. But if I’m being honest I believe my heart wasn’t fully ready to jump. Adoption is scary. We will be putting more than we make in a year on the line. Knowing at any point through our birth moms pregnancy she can decide to raise, love, and care for her baby. The same goes for the birth father or immediate family. Adoption is a wonderful thing. Being able to love and care for a child that wouldn’t have been able to have the life they would have otherwise is a gift. God has called us to do it.

November 2018:

Reading this now makes me realize how far we have come and are so close to our dream. There is a little baby boy growing day by day. We are going to apply for more loans to try and make all this happen. Even with all that we desperately need help getting to our goal. I know it’s tempting to pass by this page and keep going. If we all made a little more effort to be kind, to say good morning, to let others out while driving on the road. What a wonderful world this would be. We need you.. can you donate $5, maybe $10? Thank you, thank you!

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3. You can share this Fund with your friends and family.
Please consider doing all three of these things!

Fund Leader: Paige Bailey
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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