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Beckmann Family Adoption

$2,817.26 Raised!

Start: Nov 5, 2019 - End: Mar 31, 2020

Beckmann Family Adoption

Hello! Thank you for considering supporting our adoption.

UPDATE****We have been MATCHED…an expectant mother made a plan for her baby and chose us. We are excited and nervous. This happened very quickly in the world of adoption and we know that God’s timing is perfect. We have decided to the keep the details of the match private as this is the expectant mother’s story first and ours second if she chooses to place her baby in our arms and family. Please be praying/sending well wishes for the mother who has made the decision to give her baby life, the health of her and her baby, and for our hearts as we continue this journey. With the match happening more quickly than anticipated, we are doing a few final fundraisers if you feel led to support our adoption.*******************

The story of our road to adoption started in 2015. We had been married for a year, but were not able to start having biological children yet due to Sarah’s treatment from breast cancer. We became foster parents and within the week we got a call for a newborn baby girl. This sweet girl stole our hearts immediately. We knew that in foster care the goal is for children to be reunited with their families, but we were going to love her as intensely and for as long as she needed us.  Her first Mom and Dad ended up making the selfless and difficult decision not to parent her and she was adopted in August 2019. She is forever a Beckmann.

With all of the treatment that Sarah underwent during her cancer treatment we were told that we may never get pregnant. We were blessed to become pregnant and welcomed a sweet baby girl in January 2018. She is forever a Beckmann. Sarah’s pregnancy was complicated with cardiac issues and she was on bedrest for the last trimester.

We are a transracial family. Our daughter is black and we are white. We love her and she is precious. We know through conversations with transracial adoptees that it can be very difficult to find a strong racial identity when they do not look like many of the close people around them. We are grateful for the diverse community that we are surrounded by and that Sarah also comes from a transracial family. It is also not currently recommended for Sarah to get pregnant due to the difficulty of her last pregnancy and complications she experienced during a surgery this summer.

We know that our family is not yet complete. 

So we are ADOPTING! We have started our journey to adopt a baby who will share the same ethnicity as our oldest daughter. Growing our family though domestic infant adoption was laid heavy on our hearts. Infant adoption has many expenses from $35,000 to $60,000+. This covers the agency fees, expectant mother expenses, medical expenses, possible travel costs, and legal fees. As most people, we do not have these funds immediately available to us. We are asking for our family and friends to consider supporting us though purchasing items from this amazing store. 40% of all purchases goes straight to our adoption. Check out the cute shirts and mugs,  beautiful jewelry and cards. You can also give without purchasing.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!

Fund Leader: Sarah Beckmann
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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