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Bring the Children Home!

$2,105.98 Raised!

Start: Sep 28, 2019 - End: Dec 1, 2019

Bring the Children Home!

We always thought we would have four children, and then our fourth child passed away shortly after birth. It stopped us in our tracks and changed our lives forever. God used the pain of loss to open our hearts to the preciousness of life and the many children around the world who experience loss of a different kind: the loss of a family. In 2012 we were completing paperwork to adopt internationally when we received a phone call that a baby had been born early and abandoned nearby. We were asked to come to the hospital to at least hold him, which we eagerly did. Having no funds for the sudden adoption (we were given three days), God showed up in mighty way and provided fully for our son to become part of our family. He is 7 now and thriving, but we’ve always known we would be called back to international adoption. After spending years advocating, donating, and helping others, we saw a child’s photo that we knew was our son. Then, shockingly, we saw two more. Three children in Ukraine, all in different orphanages, all who felt the pull on our hearts to add to our family. A boy, 2 years-old, with lots of medical issues including Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous, stares at us through videos, longing for someone to put the camera down and get him out of his crib. Another boy, also 2, born blind with Microphthalmia. He reaches out all around him to find a toy, a person, anything in the darkness. His head of fiery red hair begs to be brushed tenderly with love. Lastly, a girl who is now 7. She has been listed and has waited for four years for a family to come. Due to a traumatic birth, the has cerebral palsy and strabismus. She is non-verbal and so was moved to an adult mental institution, given up on. We are well aware that it’s crazy, but we long to bring these children into our family, where they will get medical care and therapy, but most of all, a home.

The process has flown and our dossier submission is soon. After looking at the price tag of three separate adoptions, in three separate regions, with three separate trips to Ukraine (each trip is significantly longer because we have to go to all three regions, all three times), we understand why people warned us, “You know, people don’t do this. They don’t do three”. We need about $65,000 to be fully funded (before November!) and that’s if there are no hiccups along the way. So much of this journey that we are on seems humanly impossible. We have seen God work miracles before, and believe we are being obedient to follow His lead now. It is almost too much for us to comprehend but if God is calling us to it, then He will show up in a mighty way.  Thank you for reading about and supporting our family!

Fund Leader: Kylee Stef
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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