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Brittany's Adoption

$2,844.60 Raised!

Start: Jun 3, 2019 - End: Dec 31, 2020

I have dreamed of being a Mom since I was young and I am more than ready to welcome a child into my home. I am not married but I have decided to take the steps to become a parent. There are so many children in this world who need homes and I want to be that home for as many children as I can. My homestudy has been completed and I’m waiting on the final report to be written. Although I am unable to match with a birth mother at time due to my homestudy still being completed, I am being presented with birth family situations. Most of the birth family situations that I have seen would cost an estimated $40,000. I am hoping to raise $10,000 this summer to help get me started on this journey! Any donation, prayer, or positive thought would be greatly appreciated during this time. I could never thank anyone enough for helping me change the life a precious child and become a Mom. Thank you!

Fund Leader: Brittany Voke
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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Update Time!

Hi everyone! I have been submitting to birthmother situations within the state of Ohio the past few months. Although I haven’t had much luck, I know the right situation is out there! I can’t thank you all enough for the constant support. I have the most amazing family and friends. Thank you all for everything!


Hey friends!! As of this week, I am able to submit to birth mother situations!! My homestudy has been approved and my adoption profile is active on my adoption agency’s website. I am so grateful for everyone who has donated money and purchased items. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I love and appreciate you all!!

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