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Camp Emmanuel - Nonprofit Startup

$1,656.45 Raised!

Start: Jan 17, 2019 - End: Mar 17, 2019

Camp Emmanuel - Nonprofit Startup

“If your vision doesn’t seem impossible to accomplish with your natural ability, it’s probably not from God.”              ~Pastor Robert Morris

Our story: About a year ago God put it upon my husband’s heart to start a youth ministry, in the form of a summer camp. After lots of prayer, consulting with church leaders and talking to family, we have been lead to start this ministry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We will be taking a leap of faith, picking up our lives (4 kids and a dog!) and moving from San Antonio to Dallas, TX. We do not have the resources to start this ministry on our own, but we know if it’s God’s will, He will provide.

The Camp: There are so many children in the world today who do not have the means or opportunity to experience God’s splendor in the outdoors. Whether they come from a single parent family, abuse, neglect, poverty or perhaps they have special needs, we would like to give them that opportunity, and while doing so, talk to them about the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. It will be our goal to make sure they know and understand how much God loves them. Our vision is to bring these kids into our camp completely free of charge. We know ONLY GOD can make this happen!

With your support, all proceeds from One Mission will go towards starting this ministry.

Our mission: To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to underprivileged children by taking them out of their elements & situation, allowing them to see God’s splendor in an environment that is safe, positive and supporting.

Fund Leader: Cindy McGary
Fund Type: Churches & Youth Groups, Non-profit Organizations

Purchase with Purpose

40% of every product purchased is donated


Thanks to all the donations and merchandise purchases, Camp Emmanuel is starting to come together! We have now formed our Board of Directors. Our next step is to submit our 501c3 paperwork so we can get our nonprofit status.

Thanks to everyone for all your support! Please continue to share our story so we can get the word out about Camp Emmanuel!

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